Benny Bradley’s updated Potty Training Watch with eBook, which has earned over 1,500 reviews on Amazon, is designed to remind toddlers to use the bathroom at regular intervals. It is completely water-resistant, so parents can let their toddlers wash their hands or play with water even when they have it on. No batteries are needed as the watch can be recharged with a USB cable.

More information can be found at https://bennybradleys.com/products/potty-training-watch

Benny Bradley’s watch now features a song alarm, Wheels on the Bus, that can play automatically every 30, 60, 90, or 120 minutes to remind your toddler to use the potty. The watch also has a vibration-only mode, which is ideal for use in school and other instances where the musical alarm might be disruptive.

Several research studies have conclusively shown that music is an invaluable tool for aiding a child’s potty training. One reason is that some children can focus and better understand instructions when they’re accompanied by songs. Furthermore, music has also been demonstrated to activate parts of the brain responsible for pleasure. Because of this, using melodies alongside potty training creates an overall more enjoyable and less stressful experience for the child.

In addition to the melody alarm function, the watch features a secure buckle clasp strap that is BPA-free and contains no latex. Made specifically for toddlers, the watch is designed to stay on even when the child is playing.

Parents will also get an eBook, Benny Bradley Learns to Potty, which parents can read to their children to teach them more about potty training. This digital children’s book has bright illustrations that will grab the toddler’s interest.

Benny Bradley’s is focused on offering solutions to make parenting easier. Parents will find other products on the website, including diaper backpacks and cabinet latch locks.

Here are some testimonials from real parents who have used the watch to help their toddlers:

“This watch was a game-changer for us. My 3-year-old was not showing much enthusiasm about using the potty. I picked this watch because it played music. The first time it went off my son was like, “what’s that sound?”, and I told him it was his watch telling him it was time to use the potty. He ran to the potty all excited. It’s been like that ever since.”

“What I really like about this watch is that it not only lets my son know when it’s time to go, but it helps out this busy Momma! With 2 littles under the age of 3, I’m not always paying attention to the clock, or able to remember to reset my alarm. This watch plays my son’s favorite nursery rhyme “Wheels on the Bus”. When it went off the first time, he loved it. After that, we managed to get into a routine. He now tells me when it’s Potty Time!”

“This potty watch has been great. Super easy to set up and use. The band is durable and not easily taken off (unless your child knows how to undo watches). Our potty training experience is going a lot easier since purchasing this watch. When he hears the music, he knows it’s time to go potty and he goes by himself. It’s letting him be independent while keeping him on schedule. I highly recommend!!”

Interested parties can find more information by visiting https://bennybradleys.com/products/potty-training-watch

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