One of the academic qualifications of Mr mohammad Arshianfar is receiving a specialized degree from the American Hypnosis Association.

Hypnosis or mesmerism is a field in psychology where a person is placed at a particular level of consciousness via indoctrination.

Hypnosis does not lead to dominating the subject but only contact with their subconscious mind and induces dictations.

Hypnosis is the way in itself, and the external hypnotist only stimulates the hypnosis from inside the subject.

All schools and mystics have been somewhat dealing with hypnosis.

The subconscious mind is only a theory on which the realities are based.

The hypnotist cannot instill everything into the subject.

Mr. Arshian Far claims that hypnotherapy is as follows:

hypnotism, putting into a trance or half-conscious state –a state everyone tends to experience once. Hypnosis is an effective therapy that adequately treats many mental disorders with no side effects as it is a drug-free medication.

He claimed, “Hypnosis therapy is completely safe,” and in this regard, said, “Ernest Hilgard, a professor at Stanford University in the 1950s, one of the researchers in hypnosis and pain, states that when a subject is hypnotized, a part of his mind so-called “hidden observer,” remains up to protect the subject”.

Therefore, if a hypnotherapist, during hypnosis, asks the subject to do an unethical or unusual action, the subject will come out of hypnosis.

This reflects the efficiency of the hidden observer, which keeps the subject safe and prevents involuntary movements.

In hypnotherapy, a subject’s high concentration facilitates indoctrination, where different sensations and reflections can be instilled into the patient; in this way, the patient’s suggestibility becomes extraordinary.

Hypnotism is an attractive science that some therapists use for financial purposes as they hypnotize people and create exciting experiences and fooling fantasies.





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