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FundsPayback is now catering to clients worldwide with site localization up-gradation.

Digital asset and crypto scammers fled away with 1 billion USD in 2021. The number of scams is only rising with each passing year, affecting innocent investors all over the world. In that light, leading asset recovery company, FundsPayback, has recently launched site localized support to expand their industry-leading fund recovery service to clients worldwide.

From July 2022 onwards, FundsPayback clients will be able to access the official website of the company in their local language, irrespective of their native location.

Headquartered in California, FundsPayback is a highly asset scam investigative and consulting company, armed with lost fund recovery specialists scattered across different parts of the world. Backed by 25+ years of experience, the company has helped thousands and thousands of victims of asset scam and online investment fraud get their funds back. FundsPayback stands out with proven technology and methods that are uniquely and strategically designed to recover lost funds.

In an exclusive interview, the founders of FundsPayback, Gary Schultz and Matt Zhan, shared that there is an urgent need to create awareness on a global scale about the potential of recovery of funds lost in digital asset fraud and crypto scam. Unfortunately, a lot of people in many parts of the world are unaware that it is “possible” to get back the funds that they have lost in these scams. Such a crisis drove FundsPayback to launch site localization upgrades to help people worldwide understand the potential of lost fund recovery (from digital asset fraud) and communicate with recovery experts, comfortably in their own local language.

“We are excited to share with you all that we have recently upgraded our official website with localization support. This new upgrade will henceforth enable clients from all over the world to access the site with ease in their local language. So, even if a client is not staying in the US and needs fund recovery service, s/he can always reach out to us more comfortably and conveniently in his/her local language through our localized version. Digital asset scams are rising and spreading on a global scale- there could not be a better time to launch our site localization support”, stated Gary.

Gary also said that even those (outside the U.S.) who are aware about the possibility of challenging a fraudulent transaction are unable to proceed further in the majority of cases. It’s because there is a serious lack of reliable fund recovery service companies with international credentials. FundsPayback fills the gap here with localized support and asset recovery specialists spread out all across the globe. 

“We are you one-stop global digital asset recovery specialists who are absolutely committed to help you get your lost funds back, as soon as possible. Our forensic experts use cutting-edge technology and proven methods to recover funds lost in crypto scams or PayPal fraud or Forex fraud or wire transfer, or any other kind of digital asset investment and online payment arrangement. We hold years of tested experience in propelling financial institutions like banks to approve chargeback requests, no matter how complex the  case has been.”

FundsPayback also supports novice investors with pro-investment advice and opportunities to help them avoid digital asset scams.

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