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Offering a wide range of courses, technical training certifications, and vocational education, Bayise Tutor is enabling users to kick start a career in their preferred industry

Rochester, New York, 20th July 2022, ZEXPRWIREEstimated to grow at a CAGR of 13.8 percent, the global online education industry will generate over $500 billion in the next five years. This growth comes on the back of students and individuals who are rapidly moving to e-learning platforms to learn and enhance their skills.

To help such individuals, who prefer online learning platforms over conventional institutes, Bayise Tutor is rising as a competent choice. Offering a wide range of educational, technical, and vocational courses, Bayise Tutor is helping people kick-start careers in diverse fields.

A spokesperson for Bayise Tutor stated, “Everyone deserves a chance to learn and equip themselves for the changing world. But not everyone has the means to enroll in expensive training programs. There are so many limitations, and therefore, understanding the importance of skill-building, we cater to a vast variety of interests that will help our users upskill themselves.”

Bayise Tutor is online tutoring, learning, and assignment writing service. The online educational platform connects students, tutors, and trainers from over 195 countries to help students with elementary, high school, undergrad, and grad level education alongside vocational training.

The vocational and technical training programs at Bayise Tutor cover a wide range of areas. Individuals who enroll in Bayise Tutor programs can learn Amazon Web Service (AWS), web development, Photoshop, Data Analytics, Data Science, and many more courses that can help them upskill according to today’s demands.

Catering to a wide range of educational needs, Bayise Tutor is paving the way for many individuals who are limited by their constraints. Ensuring that a pool of expert tutors and trainers conveniently collaborates through its platform, Bayise Tutor also has a mobile application alongside its website.

Students all over the world are enrolling in Bayise Tutor courses to get IT certification training online and technical training. The platform is ideal for students, learners, and teachers seeking opportunities for side-hustle. In addition, the group tutoring sessions available at Bayise Tutor allow individuals to opt for affordable learning courses by splitting the cost among peers.


Bayise Tutor is an online platform founded by Seifu Tolesa. The online tutoring, vocational training, and assignment writing service is providing its offerings to students from over 195 countries. Based out of Rochester, New York, Bayise Tutor is a one-of-a-kind learning platform that has over 50 different educational and vocational courses.

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