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The company now offers a wide range of repairs on all makes and models of trailer/campers, including family watercraft trailers, ranch carrying campers, Gooseneck trailers, and house or cabin trailers. R&B Hitch of Ocala also services vehicles for commercial use and fleet operations, where heavy tons, high hills, or damaged roadways can affect trailers.

More information can be found at https://rbhitchofocala.com/trailer-repairs-and-checkups-2

As part of its updated offering, R&B Hitch provides technical inspections, EBS diagnostics for brakes restoration, body component repair/replacement, liftgate repairs, and all lighting equipment replacement and repair solutions. The company offers remote services, eliminating customers’ drive from home or work and wasted waiting times.

With pandemic restrictions loosening, a large number of families across the globe are embarking on vacation trips this year. In fact, almost 70 million Americans are expected to travel this summer with an RV, with 20% of them towing a travel trailer, such as a tent trailer, teardrop, or a truck camper. Towing a travel trailer consists of three components: the vehicle, the hitch, and the RV. Since trailers add weight to the back of the tow vehicle, the handling dynamics are affected, and regular maintenance is especially important: travel trailers have an average lifespan of only ten years but can last far longer if taken good care of.

R&B Hitch offers preventative maintenance services for fleet managers, allowing them to avoid potential – and costly – malfunctions. The company will manage brakes, air systems, air pressure, tires, and electrical circuits, and repair any damage to the chassis, wall surfaces, ceiling, doors, and body of the vehicle. Regularly scheduled check-ups for the entire fleet can be arranged.

Vacationing families can benefit from regular check-ups and preventative upkeep too. Trailers, much like any other piece of equipment, eventually break down. But knowing when and where to look for warning signs, and learning how to maintain the vehicle on an everyday basis, will forestall any serious in-transit issues.

R&B Hitch’s other services include Gooseneck, 5th wheeler or bumper pull hitch installations, RV camper and bicycle hitch installations, trailer light installations and repair, and small welding jobs. With over 20 years of experience in custom hitch installations, the company covers a service area of almost 100 square miles.

One customer commented: “Robbie and his staff are very knowledgeable. He provides great products with excellent service at a fair price. Would definitely recommend.”

Interested parties can go to https://rbhitchofocala.com/trailer-repairs-and-checkups-2 for more information.


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