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The three new releases all feature stories focused on promoting positivity, love, and inclusivity. The books have been released as part of an initiative by Connected Spirit Publications (CSP) to prevent children from being set back in their reading education over the summer by introducing new, enjoyable literature.

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CSP has released these new stories as a part of their longstanding mission to encourage a positive outlook in children all over the world by exposing them to heartfelt, uplifting narratives. These new stories each focus on a different aspect of life, from community and diversity to the passage of time, with the intention of exposing children to new and compassionate ideas.

These books are also specifically tailored to combat what educators refer to as “summer setback” wherein children lose progress or interest in reading over their summer vacation. Benefiting from Clif Taylor’s digestible and engaging writing style, the books are designed to hold children’s attention and instill in them a love of reading.

The first of the new titles, ‘You Are’, features full-color illustrations and a narrative that simultaneously teaches the alphabet and promotes diversity. In the story, each letter serves a unique function, and the differences between them are celebrated – an idea which children can apply to their own lives.

‘Snowflake’, the second in the line of new releases, blends a lesson in science with a first-person story about the life cycle of a snowflake. This story also celebrates uniqueness and diversity while also informing children about the scientific mechanics which drive the weather.

The final release, ‘Oak Tree’, shares many themes with the other two books as it explores the journey of a tree from acorn to adult oak. Like every book in the collection, it is fully illustrated and available for download on most ebook platforms, or through Clif Taylor’s website directly.

Clif Taylor is the author of dozens of books for children and adults alike, all of which focus on maintaining a positive, calm mindset and an open, honest demeanor.

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