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BeFaster Holder Token is a BEP-20 Token. Recently, it introduced the BeFaster.Fit App on 14th August will enable its users to invest in two crypto coins: BFHT and PAID.

BFHT, commonly known as the BeFaster Holder Token, is a newly established crypto platform in the industry. In the recent development, the BFHT launched the App on 14th August 20222. It allows users to Get Fit and earn cryptocurrencies. BeFaster.Fit is a novel platform that will enable people to invest in two crypto coins: BFHT and PAID. App is a decentralized sports and fitness app. It’s designed as a game to motivate users to become healthier and more active while also rewarding them with cryptocurrency. For every kilometer a user walks or jobs, they are rewarded. Every step counts whether the client is working, exercising, or relaxing. Undoubtedly, the App’s primary focus is getting people moving, so people don’t have to be the best or fastest runner to get rewarded. The App is intuitive and offers everyone the right encouragement and incentive. 

The benefits of the App

Though the App has not been released yet, investors must understand that users are also incentivized to use the App in the form of monetary rewards. As mentioned, users are rewarded with one PAID token for every kilometer they move. 

PAID, or Personal Activity Internal Distribution, tokens are in-app tokens paid out for app use and running. Once users accumulate their desired tokens, they can be paid out to a credit card, used for multi- or private challenges, as currency for BePartner products, and more. 

BFHT refers to the BeFasterHolderToken. All holders of this token have the right to participate in BeFaster.Fit and will receive 50% of the company’s revenues distributed to their wallet. The distribution directly relates to the amount of BFHT held and staked by the token owner. The more BFHT holders own, the higher the distributions they will receive. With this platform, investors aren’t the only ones who earn money. also rewards users for being active while using the App. Currently, the only token that’s life is the BFHT or BeFaster Holder Token, a BEP-20 token built on blockchain technology.

Though the project is still a few days from the final launch, it’s an excellent time for investors to take advantage of the situation. The following information will focus on the benefits of investing in BFHT but will also explain what is and how everyone can benefit from its use. All transactions are secure, recorded on the blockchain, distributed through smart contacts, and tracked via the wallet. It’s crucial to note that since these are investor coins, they are in minimal supply. There are less than 300 million tokens available. 

Investors Earn Money with BFHT Multiple Ways

BFHT gives holders four ways to earn money. 

1. As revenue increases at, distribution also increases.

2. The market value of tradable BFHT increases.

3. Revenues earned from cryptocurrency.

4. Investors who stake BFHT for more extended periods earn up to 10% APY. 

Perhaps the best part is that Revenue earned from crypto is paid out daily, while those generated from flat sources are paid out monthly. generates Revenue through its App.

The App offers in-game items, such as add-ons, skins, training plans, VIP packages, and more. Revenue is also generated through selling other merchandise items and gadgets. And finally, offers challenges that require a fee to join. It is a new app and cryptocurrency, so there are many other avenues for generating Revenue that can be considered or pursued in the future. 

Distributions and Staking

All generated Revenue is split 50/50 between and the investors. There are 300 million BFHT available, so the amount of a personal distribution will depend on how much they hold in their wallet. Yet, the other factor is how long an investor decides to stake the BFHT. 

The duration can be as short as 14 days or two years. The longer the BFHT is staked, the higher the APY earned, with the highest possible being 10%. Though open beta for the App doesn’t begin in just a few days, the staking option for investors is already live. 

Potential Users and determined crypto enthusiasts must visit the following links for further information. 

Website | Telegram | Twitter

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