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New York, NY, United States, 14th Jul 2022, GCL allegedly charges $33,345.00 USD per liter of the SSD chemical solution shortly after a full container loads of 20” feet containing shipment of SSD chemical solution products worth over $1.41 billion was seized along the U.S-Kuwait high sea route on Saturday, July 2, 2022. 

According to a BMN sources, Gemonog Chemical Laboratory or GCL – the current world’s biggest SSD chemical researchers and manufacturers, has recently placed a dramatic increase on the sales of its DFX banknotes cleaning solution products, with key chemical criteria being the Tebi-magnetic SSD chemical universal solution just shortly after a massive loss of over a billion dollars. Barely a week ago before now, a liter of the SSD chemical was just about $28.500 USD, and today, just a week later, the same one liter of SSD chemical is sold at $33,345.00 USD per liter. A drastic increased in price by 17% within 7 days – at the time of writing this release.

GCL is a generic monology research laboratory that studies the security coated defaced notes (SCDN) to manufacture, produce and supply high quality, effective SSD chemical solutions used for recovery or cleaning of SCDN, commonly known as the DFX banknotes. Headquartered in Los Angeles, California, U.S of America, established in 1911 AD.

A drastic price increase in SSD chemical solutions within a short period of time has placed the underground black market of DFX banknotes paused, at the moment. GCL, after losing over a billion dollars in an SSD chemical solutions shipment to one of its importers in Kuwait, Asian part of the world, the laboratory have decided to place a temporary price increase on all its DFX banknotes cleaning solution chemical products. From $28.500 USD per liter, last week, to $33,345.00 USD per liter, this week, as of the time this news was released.

These SSD chemicals prices increase took effect yesterday, on July 9, 2022, in the entire U.S black market of the sales and purchase of DFX banknotes cleaning chemical solutions, and will probably affect the rest of the month, and possibly external countries. Sources say; these SSD chemical solutions prices increase does not affect the Asian black market in anyway. It is clear that only the DFX banknotes holders in the United States of American territory are affected by these chemicals prices increase.

The seizure of the $1.41 billion dollar worth of SSD chemical solutions shipment took place along the sea freight route USA to KUWAIT, on Saturday, July 2, 2022, which leads to the drastic increase in price of these chemicals. GCL’s CEO, Dr. Fuyatta Nagaraj says, “I know U.S and Kuwait customers are supposed to suffer the same effect, but we’re given privileges to all our Non-U.S based clients”.

GCL suffering losses incurred from its USA/Kuwait shipment deal gone wrong is the main reason for the recent dramatic price increase in the DFX banknotes cleaning and recovery products; the SSD chemical solutions, in the United States. Experts say this will not last, as it is a temporary price increase for the GCL to recover some of its losses fast in order to maintain its same production capacity of the solution chemicals for meeting market demand for its wholesale and retail buyers worldwide.

DFX banknotes holders who are currently living in the United States are presently seeking for new ways on how they can obtain the SSD chemical solutions for the recovery and cleaning of their defaced notes, as this is a major concern for them, at this moment, since the SSD chemical prices increase only affect the U.S based buyers. Dr. Gurash Jupita, an SSD/SCDN/DFX researcher and chemical expert advises, as he says “SSD chemical buyers from the U.S can at the moment procure or purchase their SSD chemicals from neighboring countries such as Canada, Mexico and Cuba as prices would be at standard rate, in these locations”.

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