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The newly released ‘A Definitive Guide to Long-Term Income from Weekend Workshops’ offers a case study of the weekend workshop business model. It also gives readers actionable advice and tools regarding the implementation of this entrepreneurial strategy.

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The book is being released into a global market that is ever hungrier for self-directed business ventures. The latest figures from Smarts showcase that entrepreneur culture is at an all-time high in the US, with 45% of Americans now having a side hustle, and another 61.1 million planning to start one in the coming year.

With the Covid crisis completely changing the way in which many Americans live and work, a countrywide interest has been sparked in diversifying one’s revenue streams. However, with a lot of bad advice out there, many up-and-coming entrepreneurs are struggling to make their business vision a reality.

As such, David Perdew is proud to be bringing his readers his combined expertise as an entrepreneur, business owner, journalist, and business and marketing coach. His new book recounts his own experience running the Fast Business Start Up Virtual Workshop during the peak of the Covid crisis.

As the book showcases, with companies and businesses around the country shuttering their doors, Perdew knew that many workers were going to need fresh insights about how to start making money for themselves from home.

In the end, through the organization of these Fast Business weekend workshops, for which he only charged $1 for admissions, Perdew generated a six-figure income stream.

‘A Definitive Guide to Long-Term Income from Weekend Workshops’ covers aspects of the workshop process like how to test the market, how to use customer survey data to build a roadmap, how to develop processes to keep on track, and how to know when to commit.

David Perdew believes that both up-and-coming and established American entrepreneurs must focus not only on making money but on offering products and services that actually help people, like value-added weekend workshops.

One reviewer of the book, Jeremey Kennedy, said, “This is easily one of the most detailed and thorough reports of a real, working case study I’ve ever had the privilege to enjoy.” Melody Wigdahl concurred, calling Perdew’s writing “a must-read for anyone considering putting on an event or workshop.” George Nieves also commended the book, saying, “This is a case study demonstrating sheer brilliance.”

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