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The clinic, which specializes in the administration of innovative new therapies for individuals’ mental health, has now introduced SGB therapy to allow patients with long Covid symptoms to reset the relationship between the sympathetic nervous system and immune systems. By using a modern ultrasound device to visualize nerves and injection of a local anesthetic on the nerve, anesthesiologists are able to target cervical sympathetic chain activity and “reboot” the autonomic nervous system.

More information can be seen at https://ketamineclinicsouthflorida.com/stellate-ganglion-block/

Ketamine Clinic South Florida’s new and minimally invasive treatment has been demonstrated to provide relief that may last from a few months to several years. SGBs have shown potential in reducing the symptoms of Covid, such as loss of taste and smell, weariness, mental fog, and joint discomfort.

While long Covid symptoms take different forms, existing medical treatment protocols focus on the most common – direct cell damage inflicted by the virus – but can only treat the wide range of manifested symptoms on a case-by-case basis and mostly concentrate on symptoms relief.

Ketamine Clinic South Florida’s SGB treatment protocol involves a “resetting” of the patient’s body’s sympathetic nervous system and aims to decrease the effects of known long Covid symptoms such as chronic fatigue syndrome, activated fight or flight responses, and many inflammatory disorders – which can result in impeded blood flow, and increased pain sensitivity.

A related and complementary cutting-edge treatment offered by the clinic is ketamine infusion therapy for patients suffering from depression, anxiety, PTSD, chronic migraines, and neuropathic pain – symptoms that are often associated with long Covid as well. Approximately 70-72% of patients respond to ketamine infusions. Infusion therapy, which has been shown to stimulate neuron growth in the brain, this entails the placement of an IV and the administration of a suitable dose of ketamine over a 45-minute or longer period of time.

Ketamine Clinic South Florida, staffed by board certified nurse anesthesiologist and psychiatric specialists, aspires to be the leader in wellness, provider of choice for Ketamine infusion therapy for those interested patients in Pompano Beach and surrounding cities.

One patient commented: “Wow. Thank you so so much Sonia and Khali. What an awesome and passionate team, who helped me on my path to recovery. My first treatment did wonders. I look forward to seeing you again soon.”

Interested parties can go here https://www.streetinsider.com/Press+Releases/PTSD+Treatment+Pompano+Beach+FL+Update+From+Ketamine+Clinic+South+Florida/19761060.html and here https://ketamineclinicsouthflorida.com/service/depression-treatment-pompano-beach/ for more information.

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