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G2 Energy Corp.; Why This Well-timed Strategy is Forcing Them to Reevaluate a Junior Oil Play in Texas

G2 Energy Corp. is a Canadian, publicly-traded company (CSE:GTOO,OTCQB:GTGEF, FWB:1NZ.F) focused on identifying and developing OVERLOOKED opportunities in the energy sector. The combination of circumstances: disrupted supply, significant shortages, future uncertainty, and a renewed drive toward energy independence provides a unique opportunity for the acquisition of small but productive oil fields. The company has strategically positioned itself to become a leader in the junior oil and gas industry by implementing a strategy that is focused on rolling up small-scale, overlooked, low-cost oil production. They have now launched a targeted, multi-acquisition strategy, with the Texas-based Masten Unit being the first of many acquisitions to come.

G2 Energy Corp. raised USD 4 million in capital in order to acquire the Masten Unit, (located within the prolific Northwest Shelf of the Permian Basin) and initiate a field-wide optimization as well as drill four new horizontal wells (with a known yield of a minimum of 300 barrels/day per well). According to the company’s CEO, the current project is G2 Energy Corp.’s first step in executing the multi-acquisition growth and development strategy aimed at growing a larger and more profitable position in the region.

“The Masten acquisition is only the first domino to fall in a growing sequence of transactions. Masten Unit. The total capital captures the Q1 revenues and allows the team to ramp up production and lock in early strategic wins. Production-wise, we’re on track to deliver a whole lot of value to G2’s shareholders in the coming quarters,” added the CEO, President Slawomir (Slawek) Smulewicz.

G2 Energy’s team on the ground, in conjunction with an experienced and motivated management team is coordinating work around the clock to ensure maximum production and earning potential from the latest acquisition. The company is targeting the production of over 2,000 Barrels of oil equivalent per day (BOEPD) from Phase One by 2023 and $40 MM+ in operational cash flow by the end of the same year (based on a projected WTI price of $80 barrel).

With the G2 Energy Corp. development roadmap in hand, investors and partners are on a course that could very easily skyrocket their portfolios. The energy company’s shift to the oil and gas sector has focused on acquiring the best locations where oil wells already produce, instead of investing in the higher-risk business of oil exploration. They aim to acquire more oil and gas-producing assets in the Serbian Levelland Field in Texas in the coming years. The acquisitions that they have already identified in their pipeline coupled with local industry knowledge puts them on a clear strategic path that ensures higher levels of returns and profitability.

G2 Energy Corp. brings a team of seasoned operators on its mission to execute within the energy sector. The CEO and President of the company, Smulewicz, has “over the past decade established relationships with key biomass market players in Europe including equipment producers, traders and end buyers for both residential and commercial products.” He brings over 25 years of international experience in the clean energy, biomass, and technology sectors and demonstrated leadership and collaboration skills. Smulewicz has a strategic vision for building complex geographically dispersed businesses and a proven track record for delivering results.

The company spokesperson described him, saying: “Mr. Smulewicz brings over 30 years of international entrepreneurial and management experience to the G2 team. Having built, managed, and sold six companies, including a construction company with 450 employees, and a biomass facility, Mr. Smulewicz recognized a deep value gap in the oil & gas industry in early 2021 and quickly repositioned G2 Energy, formerly a biomass start-up, to become an oil and gas company. To date, Mr. Smulewicz has assembled a highly experienced team, managed the Canadian Stock Exchange process of executing a change of business, and is closing on first acquisition. Mr. Smulewicz holds a Master’s degree in Business Administration, Agriculture from the University of Warsaw and is fluent in English and Polish. He has served in various executive capacities and is on the Board of several international companies in both the Information Technology and Industrial sectors.”

On the Board of directors is John Costigan, an independent director who brings his decade of leadership experience in financial communication, raising capital, and corporate restructuring to the table. John has assisted numerous companies in partner identification, intellectual property management, recruitment, and public relations. As an adept relationship builder, he has also facilitated several relationships between stakeholders, partners, and clients while also being an accomplished investor himself.

Kai Hensler, also an independent director has a seat at the Board’s table. As a natural team player, he brings his experience and expertise to the Board, helping with goals and objectives articulation while balancing opinions and demonstrating leadership skills par excellence. His commitment and drive are contagious, motivating involved parties to achieve their goals.

G2 Energy Corp. is located at Suite 209 – 1120 Hamilton Street, Vancouver, British Columbia, V6B 2S2, Canada. They can be reached via phone at +1 778 775 4985 or visit their website.


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