Dr.Mohammad Kermani : Keto diet

Based on Dr.Mohammad Kermani, the recently developed Keto diet is not new, and it dates back to 1920, when a physician designed it to treat a patient with epilepsy by raising the ratio of fats and avoiding carbohydrates.

The body’s cells hold energy-producing functions that can consume glucose or ketones. This procedure converts fuel from glucose to ketones. The Keto diet relies on consuming fats such as red meat, nuts, and natural oils, eliminating sugars and starches, and allows only two types of fruit to be eaten: strawberries and avocados.

The lack of permitted nutrients in this method and its high cost makes it difficult to follow, but some physicians recommend it in case of severe conditions such as polycystic ovaries, cancer, and epilepsy; Keto is also instructed for people with Alzheimer’s.

This method also has drawbacks; after starting this diet, a person may suffer from a general-state pain called Keto flu, which is a destructive state for the person and leads to heart problems. Dr. Mohammad  AL-Kermani at drkermanidiet does not recommend this diet because it is hard to be committed to for a long while.

By adhering to the Keto diet, people feel full for hours, and cancer patients benefit from it because cancer cells predominantly feed on sugars that Keto ultimately prevents! The Keto diet is a complicated and costly plan, but it has recently become popular. So, it must be carefully researched and tested before applying.





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