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San Antonio, TX – Whether an individual is excited to try CBD for the first time or is already in their CBD journey, CBD American Shaman DeZavala offers natural alternatives to bring them the results they desire. CBD has been known to bring relief to the mind and body by relieving stress, improving pain, maintaining focus, encouraging sleep, and increasing brain function. The CBD store follows the best industry standards, making its hemp products popular in the San Antonio market. Additionally, the team uses proprietary nanotechnology to make products more bioavailable for faster absorption.

While the CBD store provides high-quality American-made products for humans and pets, clients also get dedicated customer service and guidance from consultants. The team has created an ambient environment that fosters healthy long-term relationships with the communities of San Antonio. Their commitment to service has earned them many 5-star reviews and positive testimonials. They were also voted as winners of the 2022 YOURSA Readers Choice Awards.

CBD American Shaman DeZavala has perfected the extraction of the volatile CBDa & CBGa cannabinoids to create new comprehensive immune support elements currently unavailable in the market. CBDa (cannabidiolic acid), a carboxylated form of CBD, was found to display a potent antimicrobial effect when it was first isolated in 1955. CBGa (cannabigerolic acid) is a foundational compound within the cannabis flower that produces THCA, CBDA, and CBCA. Since the two compounds are found within the cannabis plant, they work by interacting with the body’s endocannabinoid systems to regulate appetite, sleep cycles, memory, and overall function.

Alongside the store’s new formulation of CBDa and CBGA, the team has included water-soluble forms of Vitamin D, Zinc, and Vitamin C to create comprehensive immune support. By aligning the cannabidiolic acid and cannabigeroic acid with CBD and CBG in a non-acid form, clients can experience a full range of cannabinoids for a better relaxing effect. The formulation comes in 30ml bottles, which contain 1200mg of cannabinoids, 300mcg of Vitamin D, 300 of Vitamin C, and 90mg of Zinc. The bottle is divided into 60 total servings, making 20mg, a normal serving size for clients to consume on the go or add to food/drink.

Besides CBDa and CBGa, CBD American Shaman DeZavala offers CBD tincture products made from 100% organic and terpene-rich pure hemp extracts. Clients can choose from water solubles, tinctures, topical serums, and more based on their needs or mode of consumption. Their CBD edibles and drinks cater to clients desiring tasty sweet/sour treats and refreshing teas, water, or coffee. The store also carries bath/skincare CBD products, flowers, vaporizers, deodorants, and pre-rolls.

For any inquiries about CBDa and CBGa, call (210) 476-5191 to speak to a consultant or visit their website. To sample some of the most popular products for free, visit their store at 6390 DeZavala, Ste.102, San Antonio, TX, 78249, US.


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