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With Gnome Technologies’ recently added soil sampling kits, customers can send their samples for laboratory testing to get a detailed breakdown of their soil’s current nutrient levels based on the latest turf science research.

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The recently launched soil test kits are available as part of the company’s Magic Lawn Plan, which provides customized lawn nutrient packs with seasonal applications to help customers improve the look and health of their lawn.

Growing a healthy, green lawn can be a challenging task. Without knowing the type of soil and nutrients it needs, this can become even more complicated. However, using a soil test kit can remove the guesswork by breaking down the precise amount of nutrients a lawn needs. Gnome Technologies’ at-home soil sampling kits give customers access to this scientific testing expertise for their own lawns.

The company’s testing kits determine the levels of the major nutrients of a healthy lawn, which include nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium, also known as the lawn’s NPK levels. These three key components work together to feed and strengthen the grass from its blades to its roots, ensuring its long-term growth and survival.

Customers can purchase a rapid soil testing kit individually from Gnome Technologies’ website, or get one by subscribing to one of the company’s Magic Lawn Plans. The subscriptions also include several starter tools as well as starter nutrient packs that can improve a lawn’s growth immediately.

The experts in lawn care also offer a range of lawn nutrient packs for specific needs which can be purchased separately or as part of the company’s seasonal Magic Lawn Plans. Each of the packs provides features nutrients, such as their Green Glow nitrogen fertilizer and concentrated Iron Strength pack.

A recent customer of Gnome Technologies said, “Gnome is so easy to apply and has greened up my lawn at a third of the cost! The liquid products are incredible and easily sprayed across the whole lawn.”

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