Earlier today, Anglo Dutch Legal Translations finally announced the beginning of its new fast Web Site Texts, Privacy policy & T&C’s English to Dutch Translation service, which has been in development since April 2022. The main aim is to save companies and bloggers a ton of time & give peace of mind that their documents are not only correct but stand up in a court of law in The EU and USA. They are also able to provide this service super fast and super affordable… but it does so, with a difference. Important Docs, translated by professionals

Geraldine Rittmeister, Head of Legal Translations at Anglo Dutch Legal Translations, says: “We wanted to try something new with this We are releasing our new fast Web Site Texts, Privacy policy & T&C’s English to Dutch translation service. Anyone familiar with the Legal Translations / Website Translations market will probably have noticed how everyone else In the world of translations, especially when it comes to certified legal translations, that these companies & indeed our competitors, seem to be mainly marketers and not actually linguists, they have large websites that are good at ranking in the search engines & handle as many languages and services as they can grab and then act as middlemen, this results in many complaints, the funny thing is, we actually receive work from these same large websites to fix those mistakes, either with a completely new translation or a thorough proofread. This is a problem because often a translation is either, not translated correctly when it comes to the legalities regarding the country of the target language or when it comes to websites, there has been no regard to the local language of what a certain product may be named locally, slang or popular marketing that may work in one country but would be deemed as not done in another.”

So as a welcome breath of fresh air, Anglo Dutch Legal Translators will instead Instead, pay great attention to detail, as by their own admission, they are language nerds.

Geraldine Rittmeister, says: “Many don’t understand some of our in-house jokes because they are picking out tiny nuances within a certain language that most people would not find funny.”

Anglo Dutch guarantee a perfect translation that will be picked over & even given the correct context with attention paid to nuance. Anglo Dutch Legal Translations chose to make this move because until recently,

Geraldine Rittmeister, says: “We didn’t even have a website, we never needed one, all our work came through word of mouth, however, increasingly, we were seeing that Internet Marketers were building websites in our niche and were and still are paying less than 30% to freelance certified translators who either can not or don’t want to run their own website, in the long run, this will result in no one wanting to go to University to learn linguistics and take a legal degree as they have been effectively squeezed out of the market. We decided to do something about it and are slowly building our reputation online. We can take less and give our network of certified translators more as we are able to pass our savings onto them, With us, you are not only getting a quality service, you are helping an industry.”

Geraldine Rittmeister also said “We want to give our clients a faster road to quality services without middlemen. With our new, fast Web Site Texts, Privacy policy & T&C’s English to Dutch translation service, they have a fresh new option. We want them to feel When using our service that they are dealing with folks who know what they are doing, that is also true, our clients are able to communicate directly with their designated translator. when using our service. Trying something new is always a risk, but it’s a risk we believe is worth taking.”

Anglo Dutch Legal Translations has been in business for 30 years, “We were the first in the building to have e-mail back then! We’ve been translating since 1992, Being established in 1992. Since Day 1 we have always aimed to give for-mostly, the best quality for an affordable price with 100% customer retention.”

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We are releasing our new fast Web Site Texts, Privacy policy & T&C’s English to Dutch translation service has launched. As of reading this, our service is live. To find out more about the service and Anglo Dutch Legal Translations, it’s possible to visit https://juridischvertalers.nl/en/

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