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Budapest, Hungary–(Newsfile Corp. – July 9, 2022) – IOTEN Network – Layer 1 Blockchain, announces its Public Test-net release. It includes a comprehensive package with its own Block Explorer and Test-net Faucet.

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IOTEN Network – Layer 1 Blockchain

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Initial set-up includes Proof-of-Authority Consensus. This step would also include the initial node setup on Ubuntu 20.04 servers on AWS. A total of 3 types of nodes have been set up:

1) Boot Nodes

2) Validator Nodes

3) Public and Private Full Nodes

Enhanced Privacy

Tessera acts as a privacy manager to allow users to run their own nodes and do private transactions where the data can only be accessed by the users in-between. This currently requires the users who want to use a node setup with Tessera to enable privacy. This is something which would appeal to more tech savvy users.

This adds a layer over the standard transactions to make them private if the sender and receiver run independent node setups, this is done using the privacy nonce and public keys for Tessera.

Test-net details:

Network Name: IOTN TESTNET


Chain ID: 47

Symbol: IOTN

Block Explorer URL:

Block Explorer for Test-net (

The explorer and its database have been set-up on an Ubuntu 20.04 server like the nodes and it communicates with a private full node through RPC API to get network and blockchain data.

Some of the features of the explorer:

1) All transactions can be tracked on the explorer

2) Contracts can be verified and all interactions can be viewed on the explorer

3) The explorer provides a separate GraphQL API for users to use

4) All tokens ERC20 , ERC721 etc. can be tracked over the explorer

The Faucet (

The faucet allows anyone to claim the Test-net tokens for testing out the Test-net network and interact with the chain.

IOTEN Network plans to migrate to Main-net soon after the Test-net release.

Media Contact:

Company: IOTEN
Twitter: @IotenNetwork

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