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Alongside the launch of this pet bodywork training program, Dr. Edward showcased new information that confirms WEBB bodywork as a superior alternative to medicating animals for anxiety and over-arousal. Whole Energy Body Balance teaches clients how to help their dogs be calm, relaxed, and stress-free, increasing their quality of life.

More information can be found at https://www.wholeenergybodybalance.com

The upcoming relaxation training gives dog owners the skills necessary to bring peace to their hyperactive dogs. Dr. Edward guides participants through canine bodywork modalities that address the root causes of anxiety, hypervigilance, fight-fright activation, and other unhealthy states.

Somatic relaxation is a relatively new way of healing that involves a conscious and holistic approach to creating changes in the energy field and body. This differs from conventional medicine, which typically addresses physical symptoms with medication. With a focus on natural health solutions, somatic relaxation bodywork builds resilience and allows dog owners to connect with their pets at a deeper healing level.

WEBB teaches dog-lovers to administer somatic relaxation to their pets through loving touch and healthy boundaries. As a leading holistic veterinarian, Dr. Edward has worked with horses, cats, dogs, and humans. WEBB energy healing practitioners free the body-mind from restrictions and moves an animal’s natural resting state away from the “orange zone” of hyperactivity.

Just as human beings can experience pain related to underlying trauma or injuries, so can dogs and cats. Pet owners often have difficulty noticing this in their animals, but can learn to recognize the signals of pain. Once they are trained in releasing the energy bound up in their pets, a dog can experience relief from their anxieties and other neuroses. WEBB teaches pet owners and other veterinarians a specific method of energy healing to address such concerns.

“I found that energy healing relieved my symptoms, and so I trained in this field intensively,” says Dr. Edward, a founder at WEBB. “I quickly discovered that animals are very sensitive and responsive to energy healing, and so this aspect of supporting well-being became part of the foundations of the WEBB method.”

Interested parties can find more information by visiting https://www.wholeenergybodybalance.com/somatic-relaxation-technique

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