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Melissa Pollock Intentional Therapy is a verified therapy clinic offering various intentional therapy services to its clients to live their chosen life on purpose. Some of the services offered at Melissa Pollock Intentional Therapy are individual therapy, clinical supervision, couples therapy, and workplace wellness.

Patients or clients who wish to have intentional therapy that focuses on the proposition that they move towards things that are good for them should seek therapy clinics like Melissa Pollock Intentional Therapy. The company believes that by tuning emotions and having support in recovering from illness and dysfunction – patients can attain the state of ease and wellness they want.

With Melissa Pollock Intentional Therapy, patients will get intentional therapy that has a relieving and enhancing impact on their lives, contribute to improving a substantial human consciousness, and live their pure intentions. Besides offering intentional therapy, Melissa Pollock Intentional Therapy also practices several therapies, including cognitive processing therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, acceptance and commitment therapy, dialectical behavioral therapy, emotion-focused therapy, and mindfulness-based stress reduction.

Individual therapy is the most popular form of therapy and may encompass many forms of treatment, including cognitive-behavioral therapy. Melissa Pollock Intentional Therapy believes in working together with clients to identify and heal their mental concerns and effects on their lives. The company will look into how the thoughts and beliefs of the client are dominant indicators of physical well-being. The therapist understands that wellness is a natural state – and is dedicated to helping clients come to it.

Workplace wellness is one of the aspects that makes good employees. Melissa Pollock Intentional Therapy remains actively involved in providing workplace wellness to clients through mindfulness and intentional living to promote work-life balance. The company is joining with managers and employees to assess the current need and provide mindfulness-based stress reduction training to clients. Melissa Pollock Intentional Therapy also offers clinical supervision to clients obtaining hours from licensure. The company has been working to provide in-depth clinical care, clinical mentorships, and personal guidance to clients.

A client, writing a review about the company’s intentional therapy therapist, said, “Melissa primarily helped me understand the control I have of my mind, and therefore my emotional response to things. I always could rationalize thoughts, but she helped me curate the tools to continually do so to where it’s almost second nature. My time with Melissa occurred at a huge turning point in my life that sparked tremendous anxiety and trauma. Her thoughtful guidance showed me paths of control that I felt I didn’t have. Because of that control, I can now see, address, and move forward during moments of anxiety or depression with self-compassion and strength.”

When in need of a San Diego therapist, visit Melissa Pollock Intentional Therapy at 4822 Kings Way, San Diego, CA, 92117, or call them on 3122176885. For more information, visit their website.

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