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The new app has been developed specifically for newcomers to Miami, whether they be international students, expats or tourists. It has a unique live social map functionality, and it promises to synthesize technology with community to give users an interactive guide to both Miami’s best venues and its most welcoming people.

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The launch of the app comes as the US yet again tops the Institute of International Education’s top destination country for international students, with well over 1 million students arriving to study last year. This figure more than doubles the numbers of any other country in the world.

According to a recent study by Edvoy, Miami is increasingly leading the pack when it comes to international students, with the city now the fourth most popular destination in the country. Currently, it sits behind only the classic university cities and cultural hubs of Boston, Chicago and Los Angeles.

OOt Social knows how many international students are drawn to Miami every year, whether they are seeking to complete their full degree in the city or to enjoy an exchange year. They also know the parts of the city that are most iconic for college students.

As such, the app has detailed coverage of popular neighborhoods like Brickell. Part of Miami’s urban center, the district is home to glittering condos, Instagrammable rooftop bars and underground art galleries. OOt Social knows that although the neighborhood is home to many live music venues, concerts, bars and student pub crawls, it can be difficult to navigate at first without inside insight.

That’s why the app overlays its live map with pop-up information about popular local venues and the scheduled events being held there. The app also offers exclusive user deals in these places.

International students who are coming to the University of Miami (UMiami) or Florida International University (FIU) this fall can also connect with a quickly growing local student community on the app. With over 80 unique communities of interest in diverse pursuits like nightlife, music, food, TV and sports, OOt Social has also been developed to help its users make new friends fast.

OOt Social is a new live social map app that is launching in less than a month. Users who register for the app now in its Beta phase will enjoy reward points known as OOtchievements and will unlock more deals in venues in Brickell and across Miami.

A spokesperson said, “With OOt Social, you can join communities of interest, access exclusive deals and quest for points and OOtchievements.”

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OOt Social Canada Inc.
2967 Dundas Street West
Unit 210D

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