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Austin, United States — AVTRZ™ will now offer a complete suite of NFT services for brands and creators looking to make their mark in the metaverse. These services include NFT avatars and passes, smart contracts on the ethereumblockchain, token-gated e-commerce, and NFT marketing campaigns to name a few.

The development of the metaverse is a market opportunity close to $3 Trillion, a source from Bloomberg estimates. Based on the exponential growth of cryptocurrency and NFTs, future use of blockchain technology will allow existing companies to acquire significant revenue streams in the third version of the internet called Web3 for short. Of the most successful NFTs, avatars have become the most popular, due to their elements of exclusivity, personalization, and brand associations. Some notable metaverse-expanding brands include Nike, Gucci, and DraftKings.

With premium NFT services, AVTRZ™ promotes business expansion by providing a simplified process for NFT use cases. Through NFTs, client companies can give their customers a truly collective experience with utility in both the physical and digital worlds. For example, NFT-holders may be granted exclusive access to limited-edition physical and virtual assets, experiences, private company events, special discounts, etc. For brands, these holder perks skyrocket community-building and customer engagement. NFT avatars, in particular, allow customer expression through branded online customization, decorating their virtual personas with brands they value.

Living in the metaverse isn’t too far in the future; successful companies need to adopt new technologies to stay competitive and capitalize on market growth opportunities. The sheer utility of NFTs show they are here to stay, and AVTRZ™ is pioneering efforts to help brands enter the metaverse with confidence.


AVTRZ™ is based out of Austin, TX, known as “the new Silicon Valley.” AVTRZ™ is a Hexabit brand, a company aiming to facilitate the adoption of blockchain technology. Through Web3 expertise, NFT art collection designs, smart contract development, and web 3 marketing, AVTRZ™ turns creative visions into reality.

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Company name: AVTRZ Contact Information

Email: avtrz@hexabit.one

Telephone no: (210) 429-7522

Website: www.avtrz.io


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