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The new crypto coin will come in the form of $RBA RoboApe tokens. These will be unique meme tokens that are operated on a public blockchain within a DeFi exchange platform.

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The announcement of their presale comes as the slumps, sell-offs and even collapses of various cryptocurrencies and NFT systems have dominated news headlines. However, rather than seeing this bear market as a disadvantage, RoboApe believes that these shifts in the market make it the perfect time for them to launch their new Filecoin alternative and their new approach to crypto trading.

In particular, they advocate that for cryptocurrency beginners, the time is now to enter the crypto market for long-term potential profitability. Unlike in the previous bull market, where many small investors were locked out of the crypto market due to its profoundly high prices, new coins launching in the bear market, like RoboApe, offer entry-level opportunities.

Furthermore, unlike in a centralized exchange (CEX), with a decentralized platform like RoboApe, investors and users will retain control over their private keys when transacting on the platform. In simpler terms, RoboApe will use a peer-to-peer (P2P) marketplace that connects cryptocurrency buyers and sellers within their actively built and facilitated closed community.

RoboApe’s $RBA will be a deflationary meme coin. As such, it is designed to offer investors and users the opportunity to interact, generate, and manage its financial terms in a decentralized manner. Only 270,000,000 $RBA will be made available during the pre-sale stage.

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The developers behind RoboApe have a comprehensive five-stage roadmap for the crypto coin beyond its August launch date. This covers everything from their initial DEX and CEX listing to the launch of their RoboAPE NFT Mint and NFT Marketplace, and ongoing community governance.

RoboApe is a new cryptocurrency opportunity for meme enthusiasts that uses a DeFi platform that is designed to empower the community of token holders and users.

A spokesperson for the developers behind the new crypto coin said, “The RoboApe Token is a futuristic meme token that addresses economic shackles, making growth possible via its sustainable community development and rewarding culture.”

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