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Pasadena, CA – QUESAY is a new social media app targeting the new generation of social media users – Gen Z users between the ages of 13-25, wallflowers, and anyone who embraces self-expression, inclusiveness, and being young at heart. The app is designed for users who are dissatisfied with existing social media’s obsession with looks and appearance.

Most of us are obsessed with social media, and we can’t help it. For Gen Z, social media is truly indispensable and ubiquitous. Yet many of them are quitting social media at an alarming rate because they’ve come to terms with the dark side of social media.

For over a decade, scientists and medical professionals have been investigating the harmful effects of social media on mental health. The most revealing and damning studies actually came from Facebook’s internal research. Wall Street Journal published a series of reports called “The Facebook File” in September 2021. The expose contains 17 separate reports from leaked internal documents provided by the whistleblower, France Haugen.

In one of the reports, “Facebook Knows Instagram Is Toxic for Many Teen Girls, Company Documents Show,” Facebook researchers found three significant adverse outcomes for mental health: 1) teens blame Instagram for increases in the rate of anxiety and depression, 2) Instagram body image issues worse for one in three teen girls, and 3) among teens who reported suicidal thoughts, 13% of British users and 6% of American users traced the desire to kill themselves to Instagram.

Mental health and wellness affect everyone, from the ordinary folks to the elite athletes like Simone Biles and Naomi Osaka. With a team composed mainly of women, Gen Z, and minorities from many different cultures, QUESAY is building a “faceless” social app because we are all more than just looks and appearance.

The company’s CEO and co-founder, Chris, noted that “we put emotional wellness at the center of our app. We want to give users a chance to get back to basics. Something that we’ve learned but forgotten – Let’s Not Judge A Book by Its Cover.”

Describing how their app works, the company’s CEO continued: “We ask our users once a day how they feel; based on their feeling, we show how another user who feels exactly the same chooses to express their emotion in a constructive way – with a combination of words + image – kind of like art therapy. You can write a few words, a few lines, or even a story; then you can add a design, artwork, or even a picture, but no selfies, please.”

As the Gen Z social app, QUESAY is giving Gen Z users a chance to be themselves and express themselves differently and openly. The app focuses more on how users feel and what they have to say rather than what they look.

QUESAY adds a bit of humanity and humor to its design, development, and function, check it out in the QUESAY intro video.

The company’s CEO added that his ten years of teaching Gen Z students at UCLA has helped him understand that this generation wants to be heard and not fixed. QUESAY validates their positive or negative feelings and gives them a platform to build their own communities and find their voice. QUESAY offers shared feelings so users would not feel alone.

The company’s CEO further declares their absolute commitment to users’ privacy. QUESAY doesn’t sell user data or advertising, period. To make money, it will rely on e-commerce. He added, “We’re a big fan of the creator economy. We want to help all creators, even those who are a bit camera shy, to be part of this amazing opportunity. We help them create NFTs or make physical stuff to sell within our social communities. We help create compelling seller stories to motivate buyers. Guess we can call this social-commerce.”

QUESAY is looking to revamp Gen Z’s social media experience while improving their emotional wellness. QUESAY wants interested users to be part of the story, so sign up to become a beta tester by visiting their website. QUESAY is located in Pasadena, CA, 91103, US.

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