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The move comes following the successful completion of their latest project. A recent customer’s property sustained damage from a leaking water heater in the utility room. The team removed the walls, and replaced the flooring in the neighboring bedroom for a high-quality finish.

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The restoration company explains that water damage can happen at any moment, and it’s important to be prepared. The latest update ensures that families have fast, responsive service whenever it’s required in the local area.

Whether the water damage occurs as a result of a broken pipe, faulty water heater, or clogged toilets, it’s important to act quickly. Failure to do so can result in unnecessary damage, including mold in other rooms of the house.

For property owners, the first step in any water damage situation is to shut off the water source. This prevents further issues from arising, and makes it easier to determine where the problem is occurring.

Once this has been ascertained, customers can call a reliable local water damage cleanup specialist. Utah Disaster Specialists have years of experience in this space, and take pride in offering full-service remediation solutions.

The company understands that discovering water damage can be a stressful experience. It’s for this reason that they strive to provide reliable repair and remediation whenever it’s required. The expert technicians can detect issues before they become worse, and prevent the need for expensive repairs in the future.

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The complete range of services on offer through Utah Disaster Specialists includes sewage cleanup, mold damage restoration, fire damage repair, and air duct cleaning. Whether customers have a small or large issue with their home, they can rely on the team to help.

A spokesperson for the company states: “When it comes to your home, properly taking care of it and maintaining it should be your top priority. One of the most hazardous and destructive problems that may occur is water damage, and if you have this issue, you should fix it as soon as possible.”

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