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Dallas Eyes Now, an optometry clinic located in Dallas, Texas launched an updated range of children’s eye exams. The business specializes in a wide array of eye care solutions and treatments.

More information can be found at https://eyesnow.us

The veteran-owned and operated clinic has been proudly providing eye care to the local community of Dallas for many years. Their updated eye exam services provide children with specialized comprehensive optical exams to help diagnose pediatric eye problems.

According to the eye care experts, many children develop eyesight issues and diseases at a young age which is why it is important that children be scheduled for eye exams regularly. It is recommended that a child be tested as early as 6 months to ensure that their eyes are developing normally, and again at age 3 and before they enter first grade.

Some signs that children may be having issues with their vision are: rubbing their eyes frequently, frequent headaches, experiencing eye fatigue, seeing double, squinting or covering one eye to see, having trouble focusing, or reading with books very close to their faces.

Before the eye exam, parents will be asked questions about their child’s health and eye history to help pinpoint any existing ocular issues they may have. During the exam, the child will be given a visual acuity exam followed by an overall visual health assessment. Tests will then be done for the purpose of examining signs of possible eye diseases.

Dallas Eyes Now offers state-of-the-art comprehensive eye exams for both adults and children. The make use of retinal technologies such as the Optomap and iCare tonometer which eliminates having to put eye drops on most patients and allows the doctors to check for eye pressure without making the patient blow or puff. They also use an OCT retinal scan that does full eye scans which can identify risks for glaucoma, diabetes and macular degeneration.

More information about Dallas Eyes Now and their comprehensive eye exams are available over the phone at +1-214-368-0059 or by visiting https://eyesnow.us

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