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The latest release directs discussion toward the advantages of exploring their spirituality. This includes helping women prioritize consistent spiritual practice to become more intentional about personal relationships.

For more details, please visit https://youtu.be/HXQswe7ztEg

The new episode provides helpful advice to individuals to help them avoid getting lost in societal expectations. A primary focus involves forming healthier foundations to influence the mental and spiritual well-being of children during life’s many transitions.

According to reports from the World Health Organization, the recent pandemic served as the primary trigger for a global rise in anxiety and depression by nearly 25%. Citing statistics, 90% of surveyed respondents have deemed mental health and psycho-social support as key components of response and recovery plans.

For its part, The Giant Builders focuses on providing encouraging discussions to guide listeners down pathways of discovery and help identify strategies for personal and professional empowerment.

The podcast welcomes speakers and presenters to share stories and lessons geared toward enriching experiences across its stated Four Pillars of Life: spirituality, family, health, and business.

Addressing the spiritual, Angela Pitnikoff offers the perspective of both a pastor’s wife and the mother of 3 sons. She highlights the role of women as teachers and channels of faith within the home and community at large.

Pitnikoff encourages open acceptance of divine love and identity as a means for women to better connect with themselves and others, thereby reducing the pressure to follow the world’s definitions of achievement and self-worth.

Within that framework, she touts consistency as the key to grounding children in lasting spiritual influence, likewise prompting enthusiasm for growth and reduced feelings of isolation and loneliness.

With this latest release, The Giant Builders continues its mission of helping individuals realize measurable goals by first defining what holds value and importance in their lives.

Angela Pitnikoff states: “I would encourage anyone who’s listening to know who you are in the Lord. Remember you don’t have to be anything, except for yourself. God created you on purpose with a purpose.”

Interested parties can find out more information by visiting https://youtu.be/HXQswe7ztEg

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