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Behavioral Health Centers Announces State-of-the-Art Mental Health Program in Florida

Port St. Lucie, Florida – Behavioral Health Centers is proud to announce a new state-of-the-art mental health program to round out its existing offerings in addiction treatment. Often, mental health issues occur in tandem with substance abuse and require expert intervention to treat both in the most effective manner possible.

Behavioral Health Centers is leading the charge on this endeavor, providing an innovative approach to mental health treatment that will elevate services across a spectrum of disorders. The program includes:

  • Neuro behavioral therapy (NBT)
  • Psychological/CNS testing
  • IV therapies
  • Therapy on demand
  • Lifetime aftercare & long-term support
  • Evidence-based treatment modalities
  • Dual diagnosis treatment

NBT is the crown jewel of the program. It’s a revolutionary approach to rehabilitation treatment that helps therapists identify markers of addiction, including impulsivity, cravings and anxiety in the brain. Administered by trained professionals, this approach is implemented in a clinical setting and provides unparalleled results for patients who use it. By gaining deeper insight into brain function, therapists are better equipped to pinpoint some of the markers of addiction and mental illness that may require deeper intervention strategies. After identifying abnormalities, Behavioral Health Centers therapists can then create a protocol that restores some of the neuronal pathways in the brain. This is done through comprehensive testing, bio-sound monitoring and brain training techniques. The idea behind NBT is to reset the pathways of the brain so patients are better equipped to overcome the inherent challenges presented by mental illness and addiction.

Behavioral Health Centers is one of the few facilities in the country to effectively use this technology to help treat mental illness and addiction.

One of the tenets of treatment at a Behavioral Health Centers facility is comfort. Patients not only have access to gourmet prepared meals and in-room televisions in Phases 1 and 2 of the program but also single rooms upon request. There’s also access to a top-tier fitness center and upscale transportation options to and from the facility.

Because Behavioral Health Centers believes strongly in a holistic approach to recovery, the facility also offers a host of alternative therapies for those navigating both addiction treatment and mental health recovery. Chiropractic care is available to help patients deal with any chronic pain they may have, while physical therapy can enhance mobility. Yoga and nutritional therapy can enhance sound mind and body principles, while massage therapy is offered to bring about a greater degree of comfort and relaxation. All these characteristics are offered through the program to enhance feelings of well-being, which can counteract some of the more rigorous aspects of treatment.

Family support and therapy are also part of the facility’s approach to treatment. The goal is to effectively educate families on why their loved ones are behaving in the manner they are, which will in turn help promote healing. When family members are able to offer support to those navigating mental health or addiction recovery, the chances of success for the patient increase exponentially. This is one of the reasons Behavioral Health Centers has prioritized family therapy within its mental health program. Moreover, this helps with the time after treatment, when patients are likely to rely on their family members more than ever.

Longer-term support is available within the mental health program, so patients have peace of mind knowing they can always come back for follow-up treatment as needed.

Ultimately, Behavioral Health Centers has constructed a mental health program that helps those struggling with mental illness — whether addiction is a component of that struggle or not. The idea is to help individuals with mental health challenges land at a place that promotes healing using various modalities. It’s an effective program with proven best practices in place that benefit those receiving treatment. The dual diagnosis component of the program has also been put in place to help those who are struggling with both issues receive the level of intervention necessary to prevent mental illness from ruining their lives any further.

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