This summer, Hospi Corporation donated 800 Macy Catheter Trays to Ukraine via Medical Bridges- a medical supply redistribution program. The donation will help provide safe, effective medication and fluid administration to those living in areas affected by the war.

“When the war in Ukraine broke out, we wondered if there was any way that we might quickly be able to help,” said Hospi Co-Founder and CEO Igal ladabaum. “We knew that our product could be used to administer fluids and medications with minimal training and with nonsterile substances and techniques.”

“Coincidentally, that very week I got invited to a webinar hosted by Force Family Office that featured Walter Urlich and Medical Bridges. During the webinar, I learned exactly how we could pull off the donation. We are grateful to the Medical Bridges team for providing a seamless way to get medical products to those in need, and we are humbled that we have been able to make a contribution.”

About Hospi Corporation and the Macy Catheter

Hospi was founded to innovate practical medical devices that enhance patient comfort and wellbeing, ease caregiver burden, and reduce cost. The company’s flagship product, the Macy Catheter, is used by leading post acute programs in the United States (i.e. home health, hospice, palliative care, and skilled nursing).

The Macy Catheter enables patients to receive care in the setting of their choice because it does not require sterile technique (no needles), because it is easy to use, because it can be used to administer a wide variety of medications, and because it can be used to hydrate with tap water. It is for these same reasons that the device is well-suited to resource-constrained environments.

About Medical Bridges

Medical Bridges serves under-resourced providers and clinics around the world by sending medical supplies from major health care facilities and manufacturers like Hospi Corporation. The program served 1.2 million patients in 16 countries throughout the year of 2021 by shipping 36 “Containers of Hope” ($8 million worth of medical donations).

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