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Even with Q2 reports looking terrible for the economy, the Boynton Beach Roofing Experts have seen a massive spike in new business over the previous two months. With the summer rains beginning and excellent customer service and experience, the company’s approach of offering fully detailed free proposals for new shingle roof replacements has paid off.

An issue that has been noticed is that many homeowners are not sure if they need to replace the roof or if a repair can work to fix the problem. Although a professional roofer can only truly evaluate this, the Boynton Beach Roofing Experts can help identify which solution will work and offer a free estimate to those stuck in this situation.

It is a common misnomer surrounding the roofing industry that roofers push homeowners towards replacement, as they stand to profit more than a repair. This misconception comes from people not realizing a roof’s more profound issues. While there can be bad actors in any industry, as a rule of thumb, most people are honest and want to steer the homeowner to the best solution for their home.

To understand what a roofer evaluates during a roof inspection, the four primary factors are the material selection, how well the initial roof installation was, how many hurricanes the roof experienced, and how old the roof is. If the roof is closing in at the end of its natural lifespan and the repair is quite expensive, it would be advisable to get the roof replacement.

If a shingle roof replacement is needed, the next step is identifying which asphalt shingles to go with. While it is understandable to go with 3-Tab shingles, it is not recommended, even now, during these rough economic times. The cost of 3-tab shingles may seem appealing, but they do not fare well vs. hurricane-force winds and leave the home vulnerable. Dimensional shingles are the ones to use; not only do they offer superior protection, but they look very appealing as well.

Lucas, a representative of The Boynton Beach Roofing Experts, said this about shingle roofing, “For a while there, it seemed like tile roofing was all everyone was asking for, but now we’re seeing many homeowners once again opt for shingle roofing. As beautiful as tile can be, asphalt shingles can also look phenomenal when done correctly, not to mention the price difference for many is too big to pass up right now.”

For homeowners that need a quality roofing company in Boynton Beach for a free shingle roof replacement quote, then reach out to the Boynton Beach Roofing Experts.

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