Pleasant Hill, CA – A hot stone massage is a form of alternative medicine massage therapy involving the placement of heated stones to body parts for pain relief, therapy, or relaxation. While there are numerous variations and techniques used in the application of stone massage therapy, The Sanctuary Pleasant Hill LLC derives its methods from traditional practices to alleviate physical pain or promote the emotional/spiritual well-being of all guests.

The Pleasant Hill Massage therapist comprises a team of specialists experienced in providing exceptional treatments. They’re on the mission of nurturing and relaxing each guest with individualized and innovative therapeutic techniques. By providing a quiet and restful place, guests can escape from stress, invigorate their spirits, and renew their minds.

During a hot stone massage, a therapist places flat, smooth, heated stones on specific parts of the body to ease tense muscles, soothe damaged soft tissues, relieve symptoms, boost immunity, or promote sleep. The stones are placed on the chest, feet, stomach, face, toes, palms, and along the spine. At The Sanctuary Pleasant Hill LLC, the therapists may combine the heated stones with long strokes, kneading, circular movements, tapping, or vibration during a massage session.

Before a massage, one of the therapists takes time to listen to the guest’s needs, problem areas, medical history, and other information they may have. With this information, they recommend the duration of a hot stone massage, determine where to place the rocks, and decide on other techniques to use. The therapist then uses a special heater to heat the stones to a temperature perfect for a guest before placing them on specific spots of the body to aid balance and flow.

As a top massage therapy clinic, The Sanctuary Pleasant Hill LLC also offers chiropractic care for misaligned joints, massage therapy to enhance wellness, skincare/waxing services for self-care routines, and infra-red/private hot yoga. The team is also trained to offer celluma light therapy to enhance cellular metabolism, gua sha scraping to stimulate blood flow, and fire cupping to relieve muscle tension. Additionally, individuals searching for a personalized program to cultivate new behavior around eating and weight loss can sign up for personal training, coaching, and fitness nutrition.

Kristin Kohs, CMMT, the founder, is proficient in Western and Eastern massage modalities such as hot stone massage, postnatal massage, deep tissue, Swedish, sports, aromatherapy, myofascial release, Shiatsu, energy therapy, acupressure Thai massage, and foot reflexology. Throughout her career, she has combined her knowledge and experience of massage therapy/movement and created restorative bodywork techniques commonly used by her team of specialists. â??

To schedule a Hot Stone Massage in Pleasant Hill, call (925) 472-0828 or visit the facility’s website. The Sanctuary Pleasant Hill LLC is located at 609 Gregory Ln, Suite #220, Pleasant Hill, CA, 94523, US.


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