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In The Giant Builders’ new interview, listeners will learn about the way that SEO impacts what a user sees while searching for keywords on Google and the ways in which small businesses can ensure their services appear on the first page.

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The recently released video also has details on John Limbocker’s Site Pop service, which provides users with the ability to match relevant keywords to their business’s website in order to improve their visibility on search engines.

While many small business owners understand the importance of SEO for improving their online exposure, knowing how to optimize their online presence can be challenging. Furthermore, without the right tools and industry insights, it can be a time-consuming task to learn effective SEO strategies. The Giant Builders’ interview highlights the key details listeners need to know, and the tools available to them.

During the interview with John Limbocker, listeners will discover how his several years of experience in online marketing allowed him to develop industry knowledge of how search engines such as Google and Bing work. This insight includes understanding the AI algorithms that connect a user’s online behavior with search results and keywords.

By explaining how search engines work, the interview helps listeners appreciate the importance of appearing on the first page of search results to get real referrals and clicks from prospective customers. Additionally, they will learn that good content is also crucial for obtaining higher search results and therefore website visits.

The interview also details how John Limbocker created his Site Pop system that can improve a small business’s SEO through automated processes. This process links industry-specific keywords with a business’s website to improve its associated relevance and search results.

The Giant Builders is an online resource for entrepreneurs, with interviews that help listeners to learn and develop skills in areas such as business, lifestyle, and wellbeing. Hosted by Lois Wyatt, the company’s podcasts are released on a weekly basis and can be found across most streaming services.

Speaking of his service, John Limbocker said, “We built a machine to level the SEO playing field by telling Google that small businesses and their services matter.”

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