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Cary, NC – What’s the most effective, fast, and safe way to deliver nutrients to the body? Intravenous (IV) hydration delivers a high concentration of nutrients such as amino acids, vitamins, and minerals straight to the body’s cells, conveniently bypassing the digestive system to allow 100% absorption of these vital nutrients. NC Mobile Wellness – IV Bar Cary has opened a new location at 114 Brady Court, Cary, where its highly qualified nurses administer IV Hydration & Vitamin Therapy in a clean, serene and relaxed environment. Their clients have a choice to book a mobile visit or an in-office visit in their new location.

The IV Therapies are excellent for people who are constantly fatigued, are dehydrated, have a vitamin deficiency, have stomach flu, or have a persistent cold/flu that won’t let up. The IV Therapies are customized to each patient’s needs, and the nurse simply inserts the IV line, which is connected to the bag of fluids, and the nutrients are delivered straight to the bloodstream. The nurses are highly trained and qualified and operate under a medical director Jerry Allen Saunders, MD, which helps to calm their patients as they go through the procedure. The time it takes to complete varies from client to client, but it averages 30-60 minutes.

One of their raving clients said, “My husband and I have been struggling with Covid for the past three weeks. Gary was just not getting his strength back. We found Awilla’s post on a local Facebook page and made an appointment. She was very professional and thorough. After she checked his lungs, heart, BP and other vitals, she started the IV infusion, which included vitamins and other nutrients. It was a remarkable improvement within the time it took the drip to finish. He continued to feel better as the evening progressed. I would highly recommend this service!”

There’re many benefits attributed to iv therapy cary among them boosting the body’s immunity, increasing energy and getting rid of the fatigue. The nutrients also have no added additives, ensuring their clients do not experience any side effects. Clients have also reported enjoying increased energy, high-quality sleep, and better performance and recovery after the treatment. It’s also the perfect solution for someone who wants to kick the hangover and get on with their day. Additionally, the therapy cleanses and detoxifies the body and relieves migraines which helps their clients to enjoy an improved quality of life full of health and wellness.

To book an appointment, the clients only need to choose their drip, and schedule the visit. Visit their website for more information, or call 919-205-2729 to book a mobile or an in-house visit. NC Mobile Wellness – IV Bar Cary is located inside Wellone Collective at 114 Brady Ct, Ste. 4, Cary, NC, 27511, USA.

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