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Nashua, New Hampshire, United States, 29th Jun 2022, King NewsWire, Dawn Reeby is the CEO of “Excellence in Analytics” and a highly sought-after strategist and peak performance coach known for creating skilled, balanced, and highly productive professionals who live lives they absolutely love! She is an energized, subject matter expert, trainer, seasoned, and certified professional with 24+ years of success in certified training and the development, integration, and growth of data-driven strategies. She has helped hundreds of individuals and teams throughout the world to build their delivery and performance capacities, advance their careers, and become happier and more fulfilled people!

Dawn Reeby is the author of 

Bigger Than Data: A Law Enforcement Analyst’s Roadmap to Marketability, Professional Development, Fulfillment & Joy(available now)

This best-selling book is all about transforming you, a law enforcement analyst, into an information management professional who brings value to your agency operations as a productive, confident, growth-oriented, and deeply valued leader.

Building a Crime Analysis Legacy: A law enforcement supervisor’s roadmap to building long-lasting, high-quality analytical capacity (available August 2022)

This book is for all police agencies large and small looking to build an analytical function properly, with ease, and in a sustainable manner that brings results. The guidance in this book provides exactly, step-by-step, what every policing agency needs to create a strong legacy of analysis-driven operations that save time, resources, and energy, that identifies gaps in operations, and that documents the tremendous work that our officers perform. This is especially important during these times when police are scrutinized for their perceived biases and reactive approaches to policing. Using data-driven strategies can identify challenges and successes in a research-based way. Analysis is any agency’s foundation. And building a strong foundation is key to agency and community safety and success.

Reeby’s goal is to shift law enforcement analytics to be the professional driver of policing operations in the most excellent, sustainable, and joyous way!

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