The new running analysis is the first phase of restoring athletes to their peak running form without substantial downtime and helps avoid runners knee. The clinic’s therapists can perform the analysis on adults, children and teenagers.

More details are available at https://www.axiompt.com/Services/Running-Analysis and recent media coverage here https://pr.newsmax.com/article/West-Lake-Hills-TX-Running-Gait-Analysis-or-Injury-Prevention-Therapy-Updated?storyId=62bae0d0b8c15cb11c2c04c1

With the newly announced procedure, athletes, especially runners, in West Lake Hills do not have to stop running entirely because of an injury but can adjust their running technique to avoid the same injury and further complications.

The running analysis, like other procedures at the clinic, begins with a comprehensive evaluation of the problem region. To conduct a thorough analysis, Axiom Physiotherapy uses a high-speed 120 frame-per-second camera that focuses on both the rear and side views.

Immediately after the real-time evaluation of the patient’s running form, the clinic’s therapists provide feedback that helps them get them back to running at their best with no restrictions. Changes to the patient’s running form can be made after the initial evaluation.

Within 24 hours following the procedure, patients receive a full frame-by-frame analysis with comments on the recordings. They also receive a written report and access to a home workout video collection to help them with their unique running demands.

Every clinic appointment maximizes the success of the patient’s therapy and gets them back to doing what they love and need to do as soon as possible. Axiom Physiotherapy takes pleasure in its attention to detail. Before the run analysis, the physiotherapy clinic evaluates the patient’s injury history, shoes, distance, and prospective injury concerns. A session can last 50 to 60 minutes.

About Axiom Physiotherapy

Axiom Physiotherapy was founded by Dr. Ben Shook, a physical therapist with over eight years of experience. The clinic has a staff of highly trained experts in manual therapy, trigger point dry needling, and therapeutic exercise.

A spokesperson for the clinic said: “At Axiom Physiotherapy, we encourage a transparent environment where you, as the patient, are free to provide input on your treatment. We will check in with you to see how our interventions are coming along and invite your feedback to ensure your treatment is going as intended.”

Interested parties can find more information on the updated running analysis by visiting https://thetexastoday.com/press/rollingwood-tx-runninggait-analysis-with-high-speed-camera-service-update/73422

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