Expressing emotion in chords according to Masoud Farzi

As you know, chords in music are divided into different categories, and this division is formed based on a specific pattern of placing the notes together.

They create different feelings when the chords are played. . For example, two major chords have a feeling of laughter and happiness. The minor chords are sad.

When composing music, a composer definitely pays attention to the inner feelings of the chords and chooses them.

Note that each human tastes are different and each perception may be different from the next. That is why songs are made with different colors and flavors in the world.

But for friends who are new to the world of composition, I have to say: Respect the feeling you get from playing the chords inside you.

And the strongest language in the world, in my opinion, is the language of music. A language you are impressed to hear. One of the most fascinating events of my life was getting to know this beautiful language. So that I can say my words when words cannot express them.
Music is the language of hearts. Happy hearts, broken hearts!
In my opinion, every human being in the world should learn at least one instrument to play. Because music has no alternative. And this is the only sound that remains. Appreciate this great energy.





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