Principles of Making Singles and Music Albums,Abolfazl Arab explains the principles of singing and music albums to enthusiasts.

According to Abolfazl Arab:

Principle One: Reader’s taste

The fact is that in the professional music world, singers read the pieces based on the type of adjustment and timing, and some may not match their taste.

But these conditions are different for a singer to start work or even after reading several pieces, and a music producer who has worked hard to produce and produce separate albums and music must follow this principle.

Because it encourages the reader to try better and more.

Singers who have just started focusing on the song and melody, so this section should be more important.

At the Purproin Academy, in meeting the reader, we try to get the reader’s taste with simple techniques.

Principle Two: The reader’s ability

In principle, we said that the taste of the reader should be respected. In the second original, we have another challenge in making a single song and album, which is the reader’s ability.

The reader’s ability is measured in areas such as reading style (pop, traditional, classic, etc.), writing, emotions, reader tone, sound, sound, and so on. The main problem that a producer faces a single song and produces a music album is the combination of the first and second principles, that is, taking into account the reader’s taste and ability.


Because most of the time readers do not know their limitations and blindly want to read something to their taste.

We have to keep in mind that when we manufacture the album and single song, if a reader wants to go the wrong way, we have to convince him and put the wrong way he wants.

Readers should also be sure to know the factors that produce their work so that they have the standard production work.

Principle 3: Stiffs of the Society

If our goal is to make a soloist and bring it to the audience, then we should also consider their taste. To understand the taste of society, we need to study it, we must listen to and analyze the types of music.

Even music that is not very compatible with our taste.

Basically, newcomers will be interested in singing in addition to their relatively good performances. That is, their sociology is limited in reading. In many cases this is limited to past work.

If we do not consider singers’ singers and music albums and albums, they will definitely disappear. In addition to these three principles, there are other points in the production of single songs and music albums, but these three are the most important things to consider.

Finally, by observing these three principles, we can produce good music that meet the required standards.

Of course this is not the whole story!

The process of producing single songs and music albums should be based on an algorithm to consider the path of fame and brand.





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