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Clients accessing the enhanced service can now receive in-person or remote consultations, which focus on diet and nutrition, homeopathies, and meditation. As part of the holistic health ethos, the solutions are intended to complement medical care being provided by doctors.

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The term ‘alternative medicine’ is somewhat misleading, as nutrition, homeopathy, and meditative practices are now considered mainstream therapeutic approaches. With the most recent update, Poe Holistic Health aims to optimize the health of clients by integrating both modern and traditional healing methods.

According to Johns Hopkins Medicine, more than 38% of the US adult population now uses some form of complementary medicine. While most conventional therapies focus on physical symptoms, holistic medicine considers the body, mind, and spirit of an individual. This is intended to promote better overall well-being, preventing the development of disease.

As Johns Hopkins also points out, homeopathy has been used in Eastern culture for thousands of years, and a substantial body of evidence points to the impact that diet and nutrition can have on the health of individuals. From a physical perspective, Poe Holistic Health’s updated services combine these widely accepted methods to help clients improve the well-being of their bodies.

The center explains that integrative medicine is less about short-term remedies, and more focused on lifestyle management. For that reason, the consultative services include a personalized assessment and development of a long-term, sustainable plan that can be incorporated into daily life.

About Poe Holistic Health

Holistic health consultant and naprapathic therapist Dr. Kristen Poe holds a PhD in alternative medicine as well as a doctorate in naprapathy. Given her father is a retired physician, she understands the important role that modern medicine plays in the health and well-being of clients. The services offered by Poe Holistic Health are, therefore, intended to complement those provided by licensed medical doctors.

Kristen Poe recently stated: “We live in a high-pressure and demanding culture, and often our health and well-being suffer. It is no wonder we live in a society that is plagued with chronic health issues, nutritional deficiencies, pain, stress, and anxiety. My passion and mission are to help people find alternative means to improve their lives using natural, non-invasive and holistic methods.”

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