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The new informative editorial is designed to help readers better understand their bodies and to provide answers to commonly asked questions about binge eating, sugar cravings and, most importantly, how to control sugar intake.

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The release of the report coincides with the latest figures from the Addiction Center. Their research showcased that over 75% of Americans now eat too much sugar, many of whom could certainly be classified as having a sugar addiction.

With multiple studies now confirming that sugar is as addictive if not more addictive than illicit drugs, scientists and nutritionists are beginning to take much more seriously the short-term high and endorphin rush that is created by sugar.

As Smart diet and nutrition’s new report details, sugar addition is often concomitant with binge eating practices. According to their research, an estimated 2.8 million Americans now suffer from binge eating disorder (BED).

When combined, these two disorders can swiftly lead to several lifestyle diseases like diabetes, heart disease, cancer, hypertension and chronic joint pain.

As such, Smart diet and nutrition wants to help its readers identify the point at which an enjoyment of sugar may have slipped into an addition, including identifying the signs that one’s body is addicted to sugar. Their report also contains actionable advice regarding how to flush sugar out of one’s system and how to combat the various stages of sugar withdrawal.

The team behind the wellness blog believes that information is power, and that if equipped with the right knowledge and tools, people can leave behind unhealthy habits and move towards a vitamin-rich and nutritionally sound diet.

In particular, Smart diet and nutrition recommends a reduced intake of carbs. They believe that adhering to a low carb food plan is beneficial, especially when one is in the process of giving up refined and processed sugar. However, they know that it can also be difficult, as reducing carbs often leads to noticeable sugar withdrawal symptoms.

As such, their food bloggers have developed several custom meal plans with a high nutritional profile that feature simple recipes designed to help readers slowly but surely beat their sugar cravings.

Smart diet and nutrition is the online hub of a passionate team of health and nutrition enthusiasts in Idaho.

A spokesperson for the blog said, “If you’ve been asking, ‘why do I keep binge eating sweets?’ we have the answer for you, plus many more answers about sugar and your body that will help you to look and feel great.”

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