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New Delhi, India, June 26, 2022, ZEXPRWIRE, TechPay Coin, The Relatively Young High-Performance Blockchain Network Bags The Award For Being The “World’s Fastest Blockchain”

  • TechPay Coin’s network achieved beyond impressive throughput levels of 300,000 TPS along with a bare minimum of 500 Milliseconds transaction Time-to-Finality.
  • The team of TechPay Coin received the award at Crypto Expo Asia, 2022, which took place in Singapore on the 22nd & 23rd of June.

TechPay Coin (TPC) Is Blockchain 3.0

One of the Co-Founders of TechPay Coin referred to TechPay as “Blockchain 3.0” in his speech. TechPay Blockchain can become a serious competitor to traditional centralized payment institutions, as TechPay Introducing Blockchain 3.0 beats the most significant issue for existing blockchains: Scalability.

How TechPay Became The Most Scalable Blockchain?

As an overhauled rendition of Blockchain 2.0, Blockchain 3.0 expands on and refines its ancestor’s innovative abilities. TechPay uses a directed non-cyclic chart (DAG) as its data structure to work with a unidirectional data progression, consequently reducing block intervals.

TechPay permits the transactions to be handled very quickly — at an unimaginable pace of 300,000+ transactions each second.

Real-Time Transaction Capability | Minimal Gas Fees

TechPay recorded the fastest digital transaction involving value ever; The sub-second number sits at 471 Milliseconds. Utilizing pBFT & DAG Consensus, The open-source TechPay manufactured a protocol that can integrate into real-world exchanges without compromising a blockchain’s security while boasting gas fees equal to a fraction of a cent. To expand on that utility, TechPay aims to launch a Payment Gateway System in due time, Enabling citizens to accept payment in cryptocurrencies.

TechPay = Innovation

The ultimate motive for developing the EVM Compatible TechPay blockchain was to solve the blockchain trilemma, sustaining all three desirable characteristics: scalability, decentralization, and security which Layer-1 Blockchains of the present era fail to achieve.

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