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The goal of the new services is to build on a client’s branding through various digital marketing strategies such as podcasting and social storytelling. Now, brands get to engage with an audience who are looking for their specific product or service with material that “speaks” to them.

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The updated digital storytelling services at Curious Conversations are designed to achieve better search engine ranking positions more quickly. The agency does this by taking traditional marketing strategies and innovating them through digital storytelling towards a specific audience.

Niche marketing is an underestimated but powerful marketing practice. As its name suggests, it encourages brands to find a more specific audience – those that truly want their specific product or service – and then base their marketing strategy on them.

This allows for better online branding. Businesses can become more authentic with who they are, and hone their marketing strategy on targeted buyers. Brands can build a very loyal customer base and continue catering to only a small amount of people who truly appreciate them.

Curious Conversations takes this approach and pushes it even further with creative marketing strategies that tell a story. Led by Darryl, the group believes that every brand has a story to tell; they just need to know how to say it.

New clients are invited to schedule a discovery call with the team through their website. There, the team will ask what the business goals are and then assess the next steps. The company works with all businesses across all industries nationwide.

Darryl writes, “You should know that I love helping people tell their stories and I’m pretty darn good at it. I’m constantly advised that folks want to know why I started this company so here’s my answer: I wanted to pick and choose who I work with while doing something I truly enjoy. Not everyone is awesome to work with and not every task is fun. I’ve chosen to lessen the negative and pursue joy. “

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