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The newly launched service allows clinical dietitian, Katie Pfeffer to connect with clients worldwide and offer simple solutions for their specific health needs. She provides them with individualized, nutrient-rich dietary plans based on their food preferences, restrictions, and health goals.

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The new remote service is conducted through cutting-edge software and each online session ranges from 30 minutes to one hour. Katie uses her extensive knowledge of food and nutrition to suggest dietary changes that will benefit a client’s health and fitness.

Katie Pfeffer believes in working collaboratively with her clients. She sets achievable and customizable goals for them and improves their understanding of their own nutritional health. Whether a client wants protein-rich meal plans or vegan, plant-based alternatives, she respects their personal lifestyle choices and offers appropriate advice.

Clinical dietitians are registered healthcare professionals who offer science-backed dietary solutions for certain medical conditions or individual needs. Whether someone is struggling with high cholesterol or suffering from an eating disorder, a licensed dietician offers strategies to manage the risk factors and improve nutrition as well as digestive health.

Katie Pfeffer has years of experience in inpatient clinical settings including ICUs and general medical units of large hospitals. She has provided nutrition services to patients dealing with diabetes, kidney failure, and other complications. She wanted to make a greater impact on society’s health decisions, so she started offering remote consultations through phone calls or video meetings.

With the latest announcement, Katie Pfeffer continues to provide a wide range of beneficial online services including medical nutrition therapy.

On her website One Hungry Bunny, she states: “Whether in an outpatient setting or with health companies, as a registered dietitian, my goal is to continue promoting nutrition with sound science. I believe in food being a vital aspect of our lives as long as we strive to make the best choices. Please join me in my journey exploring food and wellness.”

Interested parties can find more information on her consultation services by visiting

One Hungry Bunny
#1054 1601 29th St. Suite 1292

United States

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