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With energy costs rising across the country, more homeowners are seeking ways to save on their bills. With the new update, Baker Electric Home Energy provides customers with a way to save money while reducing their impact on the environment.

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The latest move from the Escondido solar energy specialists includes system innovations and cutting-edge solar panel design. This makes solar power even more affordable, and each installation is likely to pay for itself within five to seven years.

Baker Electric Home Energy says that most customers can expect energy savings of up to 75% over the length of their system’s lifespan. There is also an added level of comfort because homeowners can use as much electricity as they like without worrying about running out or dealing with rising costs.

Solar panel installation is especially beneficial in Southern California, which is known for particularly high energy rates. Due to the year-round sunshine, it’s possible for families to maximize the value of their solar panels.

Once the system is installed, it increases property value because solar power is a sought-after amenity for any buyer. Customers also protect themselves against energy blackouts because solar panel users are no longer dependent on a utility provider.

Increasingly, US residents are becoming more concerned with their carbon footprint. Reducing impact on the environment and saving the planet is one of the chief drivers of the nationwide switch to solar power.

Baker Electric Home Energy customers can be sure that they are helping to eliminate the use of fossil fuels. Solar panels also reduce greenhouse gas emissions, unlike traditional power.

A spokesperson for the company states: “What if you didn’t have to sweat the cost of running the third load of laundry, heating the pool, plugging in your electric car, or setting the thermostat to 68 in the summer? Solar power lets you use energy the way you want without fretting about a high electric bill at the end of the month.”

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