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Beverly Hills, CA – Unlike many drug rehabilitation centers that majorly deal with the symptoms exhibited by a patient and also quickly commit them to a blanket detoxification program, 90210 Recovery has a different approach. 90210 Recovery Los Angeles conducts a comprehensive medical and psychiatric evaluation before commencing any treatment. A team of highly qualified professionals does the evaluation.

This report aids in crafting a holistic and personalized plan that starts with a detoxification program. The detoxification is done with nursing care available round the clock to monitor progress and help manage the withdrawal symptoms. A case manager is assigned to each client when the detoxification is complete to begin the recovery phase. The case manager helps the clients to unearth their triggers for substance abuse. These triggers could be past trauma, negative influences, and destructive habits. Together they find ways to combat them to aid long-term healing.

“The staff at 90210 Recovery really care about all of the clients. I have 95 days clean today and haven’t felt this good in a long time”, exclaimed a client.

90210 Recovery’s Residential Inpatient Program administers addiction treatment holistically. Their health care professionals craft a treatment plan aligned with the body, mind, and spirit. The facility is ideal for stimulating activities such as yoga, creative writing, music groups, and exercises that support healing. By the end of the treatment plan, the center endeavors to have clients feeling hopeful, centered and stable to begin life afresh. The fact that they accept most private insurance helps the clients to only focus on the healing journey as the treatment cost is catered for.

A client’s willpower to stay sober and drug-free gets tested away from the confines and safety of a treatment center. This drug rehab facility has crafted a support system that helps clients identify their triggers and positively deal with them. They have a vibrant alumni community that cultivates an accountability system for all their clients. Moreover, they create links with other addiction therapy facilities around their clients for long-term support. Family plays a vital role during the recovery process. 90210 Recovery understands this fully and helps families deal with any issues caused by the drug addiction. The family, in turn, acts as a support system for their addicted loved ones when they complete the Residential Inpatient Program.

The road to sobriety is a delicate one and hardly accomplished overnight. 90210 Recovery Los Angeles supports their clients every step of the way. They are an accredited facility with compassionate, qualified, and caring professionals prepared to walk the journey with every client for the long haul.

For more information, visit their website or call them at (844) 462-8571. Alternatively, please pay 90210 Recovery a visit at 1771 Summitridge Dr, Beverly Hills, CA, 90210, USA.

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