United States — After opening the market with the star product of women’s boxer briefs, Poseshe launched the concept of “One-size For All Panties.” It uses uniquely developed MaxStr fabric, which is highly stretchy and incredibly soft. Easy Pieces™ gives girls of all shapes and sizes the freedom to express their beauty. These undies can satisfy every girl’s need and make her choice of the right underwear a piece of cake.

“We want to make undies that can perfectly adapt to your unique and constantly changing bodies, and everyone can wear them comfortably in their daily life, and during some special time like pregnancy or diet. You don’t need to worry about choosing underwear anymore,” The Poseshe founder said.

They’ve always been looking for an inclusive material that girls of all body types can wear. Luckily, after many years of research and testing, they finally made the MaxStr material which is highly flexible and unimaginably soft. In addition, Poseshe’s Easy Pieces MaxStr fabric is a proprietary blend of high-performance materials that allows us to make our one-size briefs and thongs possible. These panties are available in three sizes for XS-5XL. You’ll love how easy it is to find your size with PoseShe’s Easy Pieces™ One-Size Briefs & Thongs. With MaxStr Fabrics, you can get the perfect fit for your shape and the softest, most luxurious touch for your most perfect body. They’re delicate and durable, while their 360° flexible fabric hugs your unique body to make you feel extremely comfortable!

Still worried about your undies not being breathable, having streaks, do not fit your body, and feeling too hot in summer?

Then, TRY POSESHE! The Easy Pieces™ is super lightweight, less than one oz., yet very durable. It’s seamless even under tight clothing, so no annoying underwear lines ruin your looks. The briefs and thongs are highly moisture-resistant and ultra-breathable. They’re so comfortable that you’ll forget you’re wearing them, just like sitting on clouds. They’re so breathable that you’ll feel like a warm breeze is blowing across your skin.

Besides, this underwear also makes outstanding achievements in users’ health, convenience, and environmental protection.

POSESHE Easy Pieces™ Briefs provide an anti-bacterial lining to avoid these hidden dangers. The lining consists of natural regenerated cellulose fiber, finished with exclusive antimicrobial technology. The anti-bacterial lining is tested effectively against Staphylococcus Aureus, Escherichia Coli, and Candida Albicans in the professional lab environment.

Have you been frustrated with your underwear getting wet and not drying for a long time? Or after you washed your panties, you find that you have no more clean underwear? The fabric that Poseshe uses solves this problem for you. You can dry a soaking wet Easy Piece with a hairdryer in 3 minutes. Needless to say, how it’s like during a workout.

Poseshe cooperates with ethical factories with fair wages and working conditions. Plus, they use 100% disposable, environmentally friendly packages to help protect the environment.

When you find the perfect seamless pair of underwear, you have found a new best friend. It makes you feel comfortable and confident with your appearance and behavior. “At Poseshe, we want women to be as effortless as walking in the sun to find the right clothes. You are the only one we consider when you choose Easy Pieces™. We don’t compare you to others. We love you as you are!”

If Poseshe enamors you, you may want to consider pre-ordering it from Kickstarter for as low as $14. A pledge for the product is a pre-order, which it will ship in October 2022.

EASY PIECES seamless briefs and thongs by POSESHE


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