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Plant-based cooking and pie baking are often considered to be two of the most difficult food preparations a person can do at home because they often turn out less-than-delicious if cooked incorrectly. A new range of plant-based cooking courses launched by Stephanie Lentz, founder of Scoop Intelligence, covers all the skills required to create bakery-quality pies and delicious plant-based meals or desserts.

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The new Ultimate Pie Baking Course includes single crust, double crust, and the iconic lattice crust pie, all created using a simple process and plant-based recipes. The pie recipes can accommodate either vegan or dairy butter and require no unusual cooking utensils, with methods being taught for using a food processor, or creating the dough by hand.

To assist pie lovers of all kinds, the course includes instructions for all the most popular types of pie fillings, including a sweet fruit pie, a savory pot pie, and a quiche. While a traditional quiche is made with eggs and meat, the course includes an all plant-based quiche that provides a more sustainable and vegetarian option, without sacrificing the flavor.

Attendees will also learn simple and effective strategies for freezing and thawing pie dough, so that bulk amounts can be created at once, and then thawed for fresh pie as needed. As a zero-waste advocate, Stephanie includes unique methods for dealing with scraps in every course, including leftover pie dough.

The ultimate pie-baking course is only one of the plant-based, low-waste training options available, with another popular choice being the “Plantiful Holiday Feast” class. This course covers everything needed for a family holiday meal, created with sustainable ingredients that can meet a variety of dietary requirements.

Stephanie Lentz is the founder of Scoop Intelligence and Scoop Marketplace, a zero-waste initiative that provides products and education to help people live more sustainably without sacrificing their comforts. She also hosts the Green Stuff podcast, which discusses low-waste and low-impact solutions to everyday problems. Learn more about the Green Stuff podcast at

A satisfied student said, “I’m a dedicated omnivore and deeply skeptical when ‘alternative options’ are introduced. Well, count me a convert! Amen and Hallelujah for these vegan delights that nail all the textures and flavors of all my comfort foods. Cheers to a Plantiful Holiday Feast!”

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