Phoenix, AZ – QC Kinetix (Banner Estrella) is a highly sought-after pain control clinic in Phoenix. Its treatment providers use all-natural regenerative medicine to treat a wide range of pain conditions instead of invasive surgery or painkillers that can easily lead to addiction. Patients who undergo the clinic’s regenerative therapies can repair damaged tissue and regain their health without any of the risks characteristic of conventional treatments. Even better is that such therapies call for little in the way of downtime or recovery. Instead, patients often get back to leading their everyday, active lives after only a few visits to the clinic.

While commenting about her life-changing experience at the clinic, one impressed patient said, “My lower back and right knee had been a source of pain for many years. I tried physical therapy, cortisone injections, prescriptions, and over-the-counter medications to no avail. I heard about QC Kinetix on a local radio station and called to schedule my free consultation. I began treatment a week later. The procedures were all done in the office, took minimal time, and, in my case, no pain from the injections. Relief began within a few weeks. I am back to walking, biking, and enjoying life.”

For QC Kinetix (Banner Estrella), treating patients isn’t about finding a single solution for everyone, regardless of how similar their conditions may be. Individualized treatment plans are always the way to go for its treatment providers, as they are far more effective in the long run. They prioritize patients’ safety and comfort and, therefore, begin each treatment process by ascertaining every patient’s eligibility for their regenerative medicine treatments. Pain patients seeking effective Phoenix back pain treatment or evidence-based wrist, ankle, elbow, shoulder, hip, knee, or heel therapies needn’t look any further than QC Kinetix (Banner Estrella).

Experts in regenerative medicine at QC Kinetix (Banner Estrella) conduct in-depth evaluations of symptoms and devise tailored treatments. Their primary goal is to help people with musculoskeletal pain get the best results possible from their biologic therapies, which go after the source, rather than the symptoms, of the pain. The number one goal of the treatment providers at QC Kinetix (Banner Estrella) is to get patients back in shape as quickly as possible and keep them in shape for as long as possible.

In addition to providing biologic therapies, the staff at QC Kinetix (Banner Estrella) goes above and beyond to educate their patients on how to lead healthy lifestyles to maintain their health in the long term. They often, for instance, advise patients on particular diets to follow or exercises to perform based on the specifics of their conditions.

QC Kinetix (Banner Estrella) is located at 9305 W Thomas Rd, #460, Phoenix, AZ, 85037, US. Patients can learn more about their Phoenix office by visiting their website or talking to their representative at (602) 837-7246.

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