Description of pop music sent by Sinan Ezam:

In Iran, in most celebrations, rallies, weddings and parties, unlike in other parts of the world, where a specialized style such as house and trance is used, the general and comprehensive style of pop music is used.
Pop music (English: Pop music, which originally means popular music) is a style of popular music.

And is usually contrasted with and distinct from classical and folk music.

[1] However, artists of this genre can also work in the genres of trance, house, mash-up, remix, electronic music, rock, hip-hop, dance, rhythm and blues (R&B) and country, and this makes it a style. Be flexible.
Many genres such as music trance, house, hard trance and… pop style are springing up.
The term “pop music” can also refer to a specific sub-genre (within pop) such as soft rock and pop rock.
Famous people in this field include Michael Jackson, Rihanna and Beyonce, and in the pop rock style, Coldplay and Robbie Williams.





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