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Rob Esterley has been recognized for his groundbreaking and innovative interior design with the BUILD Trailblazer Award for Compassionate Design in Architecture 2021 and with the Best Recovery & Rehabilitation Center Architecture Practice – USA.

Recognition of Rob Esterley’s position as the ‘Father of Compassionate Design” by BUILD has been the culmination of many years of work in a unique arena within interior design.

Rob Esterley’s elegant and luxurious designs have blessed the lives of his residential customers as well as the recovery and rehabilitation field. Residential customers benefit from his innovative “Serenity Room” designs and the projects that allow for multiple generations to enjoy living together as well as aging in place. His plans and strategies for recovery and rehabilitation centers take the healing process to a whole new level that integrates the spiritual and emotional aspects of reinvention and renewal.

Praising the 2021 winners of the BUILD Architecture Awards, Coordinator Kaven Cooper said: “The Architecture Awards have always endeavored to be a barometer for the greater industry. A moment to pause and reflect on the successes and growth businesses of all sizes and in all locations have achieved over the previous 12 months. I am proud to recognize them.”

Esterley’s pioneering work has laid the foundations for generations of designers to come. His clients sing his praises.

Robert and Beryl Smith said of his work: “Rob is creating spaces that truly reflect his clients’ circumstances, past, and even perhaps [their] aspirations. He makes spaces that reflect a journey that has been taken through life. He wants his clients’ homes to reflect what they are as people, and not what he wants as a designer…. all combined with a delightful personality that allows one to treat him as a friend.”

To find out more about Rob’s work, readers may visit

The PR Secrets
9121 Atlanta Ave
United States

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