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Devin explains that he has taken over 47 personal development courses over his life, but the field with the biggest impact was effective communication. It’s for this reason that he has updated his service to provide fun and effective coaching for more clients.

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The key focal points of the latest update include overcoming fear, and teaching clients how to express the best version of themselves. This addresses the main pain point that speakers have in the early stages of their journey.

Interested parties can sign up for coaching regardless of their experience level. The nature of the program ensures that everyone is met at their current level and can achieve their goals quickly.

Devin underscores that his approach has taken speakers with no experience and taken them to a professional level within months. This is achieved through careful structure, a focus on highlighting the client’s speaking strengths, and ensuring the process is fun.

Hiring a speaking coach is an important step for business owners, entrepreneurs, and anyone wanting to express themselves more clearly. It can improve effective communication, help people to overcome fear or lack of confidence, and lead to more professional success.

Research shows that effective communication is one of the most important cornerstones of a successful business. By working with Devin Bisanz, clients can take actionable steps to improve their self-belief, enhance their thinking, and express ideas more clearly.

Devin provides personalized coaching sessions tailored to the unique needs of each individual. He encourages entrepreneurs, professionals, and coaches to get in touch to discuss their personal development goals.

By enhancing their public speaking skills, participants can build a strong foundation for future growth in both their personal and business life.

A spokesperson from TEDx stated: “Devin is an energetic, inspirational speaking coach who has great skills in developing stage presence and dramatic timing. He is encouraging, interactive, and gives useful feedback to speakers. When working with Devin, we felt that he really cared about the growth of each of the speakers.”

Interested parties can learn more at:

Bisanz Advanced Speaker Training

1870 West 6th Avenue


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