Jamos Parsa, a successful and young Iranian singer, was born in Tehran on April 3, 1994 and has started his professional career from 17 years, during which time he has released several pieces of music.

Jamos Parsa currently lives in Tehran.
In addition to singing, he also arranges music, mixing and mastering professionally.

The reason for Jamos Parsa’s great popularity is his brilliant talents.

Jamos Parsa has performed most of the rap styles in his music and has many fans from all over the world.

He has acted and acted in several videos, as well as collaborated in composing movies, and his resume has been registered on the IMDB website.

Jamos Parsa says in an interview:

In 2017-2018, I immigrated to Italy (Venice) and started training classes in a company, and later, with the expansion of my work, a label called Jamos Master was named after me and he was named jamos master.

I also set up offices related to jamos master in India, Turkey, Singapore, Italy and Iran, and a few months ago we celebrated the sixth year of the company.

This label also consists of 12 singers, 10 composers and musicians.

Jamos Parsa has been brought to the fore in recent years with the release of the most popular songs among the songs, which has acquired a brilliant position.

Complete biography of Jamos Parsa

Jamos Parsa, a prominent and young Iranian singer, was born on April 3, 1994 in Tehran and has been working professionally for 17 years, during which time he has released several pieces of music.

Jamos Parsa is one of the most popular and popular musicians in the world and now has more than a thousand followers on Instagram.

Also one of Jamos Parsa’s popularity is his professionalism, he performs in the field of rap activities and has performed most rap styles.

Jamos Parsa currently lives in Tehran.

Apart from singing, he also arranges, mixes and masters professionally.

And he arranges all his own music. Jamos Parsa says that he has loved music since he was a child and we feel relaxed by listening to it.

This feeling brought me closer to my goal.

I do most of the music myself.

I even did the cover of my own music.

Released the first music of Jamus Parsa in 2022.

Jamos Parsa began his music education in middle school and continued his education in music in high school.

He completed his undergraduate studies in music at the University of Applied Sciences.

Jamos Parsa says that he loves me and I love traveling and nature.

I practice most of my music while traveling and I enjoy nature a lot.

Jamos Parsa says that he does not like the margins at all and I do not want to fall for languages ​​for no reason.

I am satisfied with my life now and I continue to live my life with eagerness.

Fans and audiences of Jamos Parsa can follow him through his Instagram ID and be informed about the release of his music.

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