Switchable glass and smart film are security measures schools can add to their buildings today to improve lockdown procedures and protect students and staff.

As school shootings become more frequent across America, schools require emergency response and lockdown procedures. While laws and society take time to change, there are steps schools can take right now to improve safety. Innovative technology such as smart glass enables schools to respond quickly to security risks while maintaining an open, connected teaching environment.

Modern schools feature more glazing than ever before. However, glazing is fragile and lacks privacy.

Fortunately, schools don’t have to choose between creating an open and transparent educational environment and safety. Smart glass adds an invisible layer of security to glass by going from clear to frosted on demand, providing instant privacy. It transforms in a fraction of a second, a speed that curtains and shades simply cannot match.

Smart glass is also safer than traditional window treatments as it can be controlled contactlessly, meaning teachers and other personnel do not need to go near the glass to obtain privacy. It can even be connected to a panic button, making all of the smart glass in a given building go from clear to frosted at once.

In addition to providing instant privacy, smart glass acts as a barrier against forced entry. Smart glass is laminated and tempered safety glass, and the switchable film layer holds the glass together even if it is damaged, making it incredibly difficult and time consuming to break through.

Another factor motivating schools to seek out smart glass is its versatility. Smart glass, in addition to offering privacy, provides soundproofing capabilities that create quieter classrooms and can even double as a whiteboard or rear projection screen when switched to frosted. It also blocks UV and IR light and diffuses the glare from sunlight, making schools more comfortable and energy efficient. Because of these characteristics, the glass becomes a dynamic component of the learning environment rather than an obtrusive security mechanism.

Incorporating more glass into school designs makes spaces look bigger, more open and more connected. This increase in transparency also makes schools safer, as it gives intruders fewer places to hide and makes surveillance easier. More glass also means more natural light, which has been shown to improve learning, productivity, and mood.

Over the last five years, Smart Glass Country has seen a steady increase in the number of schools specifying smart glass in their designs. Many schools with existing glass have installed smart film, a window film that converts regular glass into switchable glass and can be put on any kind of glass. Many schools choose this alternative since it is less expensive, particularly if the glass is already installed.

Smart Glass Country is giving its switchable glass products at a discounted price to schools and institutions in order to keep children safe throughout North America.

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